A Political Lament, and a Spiritual Failure

Most of North’s recent post, Politics, 2021 to 2031, is basically a lament for the next decade of Democratic dominance, as well as the lack of any committed hard conservative (gun rights/anti-deficit/pro-life) takeover plan for the Republican Party.

I understand, and sympathize. But you can’t get righteous politics, right off the bat.

Gary North has emphasized the same point. In his book, Political Polytheism, North wrote:

Every revolution needs slogans. Here is mine: politics fourth. First comes personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (not just Savior). Second comes Church renewal. There can be no successful reformation of society without first beginning a reformation of the Church. Third comes family renewal. This involves pulling your children out of the public schools. Fourth comes local politics. At a minimum, this would involve public protests against abortion. From there we go to state and national politics.

Before any national political renewal can begin, we must first do what we can to make it clear to the politicians and the national government that a major religious transformation has taken place. Without the widespread movement of the Holy Spirit, this cannot happen.[1]

[1] Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism (Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1989), p. 559.

Christian Reconstruction, by Gary North and Gary DeMar

Christians haven’t done their homework, so they will continue to fail.

Oddly enough, though, God has cut off certain routes of moral failure: the economy will never return to the state it was in February 2020, so the shine of the consumerist lifestyle will be a good deal dimmer from now on; the welfare state is now in a sharply accelerated bankruptcy curve, even as the checks fly out the door; and homeschooling has been given a great big boost.

North expects to die before 2031. It is up to us — and especially the younger generation of Christians now being homeschooled — to put his legacy to work in the service of Christ, in the real world as well as in the world of thought.

The opportunity that his generation of Christians missed — “the Rapture generation is the Worthless generation” as Rushdoony well knew — and my generation coolly passed by uncaring will be in your hands.

Use the tools we give you well. Get out of the basement, and out into the sun.

Fight and lose… and learn.

Fight again, lose again… and learn.

Fight again, win… and learn.

And give thanks to God for the coming victories!

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