Homeschool Mamas on YouTube, and the End of Pavlovian Dogs

A sample of the people who are going to shape the leadership of America’s next generation.

Or, using North’s brutal and unfeminine — but factually correct — language:

No more Pavlovian-trained dogs!

Yes, I know that North gripes – justifiably! – about the small number of homeschoolers, maybe 2-3% of the population. I will only reply that the American Jews amount to 1.7–2.6% of the U.S. population, but have a lot more than 1.7–2.6% of the leadership positions in American society.

Hard work, independent thinking, good study habits, close-knit families, a vision of the future, and a certain spiritual toughness in adversity are good habits to take up for a minority. A minority that has no intention of being an oppressed minority, and every intention of being a leading minority.

And perhaps not a minority, given enough time, faith, and sacrificial commitment. The benefits of being focused on faith, rather than bloodlines.

Summary: Pavlovian Dogs follow. They do not lead.

Christians are called to lead, to excel, to be filled with the Holy Spirit as they redeem the world, disciple the nations to obey Christ, and be a blessing to mankind.

As opposed to a curse on the world, destroying wealth, freedom, families, and even objective thought. The way anti-Christ cultures and belief systems work.

Kristi Clover
Rooted In Rest
This Gathered Nest
Grace & Grit
Mama Approved
Homeschool On A Hill
Erica Arndt (Confesions of a Homeschooler)
The FallCo Family
My Busy Bees & Me
Rebecca Spooner
Jaimie Knight

Advisory: Note that The Good & The Beautiful is a Latter Day (“Mormon”) work, not a Christian one.

Even on YouTube, discernment is advised.

(Perhaps especially on YouTube!)

Note that the above YouTubers were recommended by a poster on the Christian Homeschooling Families group on Facebook.

Not a bad list, to my eyes: but no one is perfect, so keep your wits about you.

“Use the brains God gave you!”

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