Why Police Aren’t Biblical

On the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis…

I don’t know why so many people still fall for this narrative, but let me try to state the obvious again:

Looting during protests is not some private individuals who just went out on a spree. It is instigated, organized, and conducted by police. And that with the specific purpose to deflect attention and criticism, or any attempt at reform. Police has been using this tactic from the very beginning of their existence, and Communist police was especially proficient in it.

Just think about it. Why is it that police arrives at peaceful protests in combat gear, armored vehicles with water canons, tear gas canisters etc, and yet, when real riots and looting happens, they never even fire a shot, only take photos and videos? Because there’s too many of their own doing the looting, that’s why. And indeed, there have been many reports of cops in plain clothes spotted at riots.

Think before you accept the official narrative. The real conspiracy is much closer to home.

Bojidar Marinov

On General Police Corruption

Here is something for those who believe that cops can’t instigate or organize looting or other violation of the law:

Several years ago, I used to make some of my money by offering private tutoring in Math and Physics. Since I had to advertise on Craig’s List, every time I post my ad, I would almost immediately get a “request” that would read something like this:

“Hello. I am looking for a tutor for my daughter who is 14. I will be out of town for three weeks and I need someone to tutor her during that time. What is your hourly rate?”

The messages were different, like it would be daughter, or stepdaughter, or nephew, or niece, or grandson or granddaughter, and the phone numbers would be different, and usually not from the Houston area, but two elements were the same: the student would be underage, and the adult guardian would be “out of town” for a period of time.

I felt something was not quite right, so I either responded that I didn’t take anything unless I have the legal guardian present, or that I was not interested, but the sender sent the same message every time I would post, sometimes several a day. I eventually decided to google the phone numbers and try to find out what is going on.

Most of the phone numbers were old disconnected numbers with no data whatsoever, but a few showed to have been registered as late as 10 years prior to police departments across the country (Alabama, California, Oregon and some others).

That’s when I figured out that this was actually undercover cops trying to bait me into committing a crime and frame me.

Now, this is ILLEGAL on two accounts: First, it is false advertising, which is fraud (I specifically said on Craig’s List that my phone is for business only, not for solicitation), and second, it is baiting into crime, which is also illegal.

When I figured that out, I started replying to every message with the following:

“I know you are a cop. I am compiling a database of all the phone numbers you are using, and I will publish it online with a full story of your attempts at baiting me. I will also take the messages and the database to a judge, and will try to initiate investigation into what you are doing, hopefully exposing your identity and posting it online.”

After I sent the same reply several times, the messages stopped abruptly, and I never got another such message.

So, dear cop worshippers. Your heroes in blue are not only likely to break the law. They are trained to break the law, and they break the law every day as part of their job. You can’t be a cop without breaking the same law you have sworn to uphold. The worst criminals in this country are the police; police is simply the largest crime syndicate in this country, an official crime gang, legalized by the law. Nothing more than that.

Thus, instigating and organizing looting is just another business for them. And if you think it is impossible, you are incredibly naive, and just another useful idiot for the police state.

Bojidar Marinov

Of course, the real reason why the police aren’t Biblical is that they just can’t be found in the Bible. There is no executive function there (at least none extended outside of the Godhead): as a rule of thumb, no one has the right to charge you for a crime, except the victim.

(People who are murdered and who are kidnapped are the main exceptions: and for both, the death penalty applies, so far as God is concerned.)

Also, people themselves are expected to look out for each other, and not to a Kindly Government Agency who Only Has Your Best Interests in Mind.

*roll eyes*

Article for the day: Disarm the Police by Gary North

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