Blood Above Law

A few of these letters are sent by people who, if they are not fools, certainly do a passable imitation. If I were to answer every critical letter, it would only encourage the crazies. They would just write more letters, demanding more responses. In the name of Christian humility, they always demand my immediate detailed response. Any leader in any field who gets involved in writing detailed letters to the crazies on his mailing list (let alone outsiders) places a low value on his time. His written replies will only encourage the nuttier of the letter-writers. It makes them feel important. They are not important. They are loonies. (The ones who enrage me most are the racists, who implicitly place genetics above the covenant as an explanation for social change. They are a fading influence today, but they still exist in right-wing circles. I am not charitable with these people. They belong on someone else’s mailing list. The sooner they are off of mine, the better.)

Gary North, in Christian Reconstruction

I know: “You can see blood, but you can’t see law.”

True that.

But it was an Aryan who lead the Aryans to destruction.

And it was the Pure Japanese who led Imperial Japan to disaster.

And a Chinaman who killed more Chinese than even the Imperial Japanese did!

And this plague of abortion and sterile perversity is a near-100% Euro-American production… with an ugly impact on Euro-American demographic birth rates.

Law – Divine Law – is a better choice than Blood & Soil, even if it isn’t so easy for mentally lazy people.

First, begin to restore justice: the equal application of the law. Second, begin to restore hope, especially regarding children’s futures. More boots on the ground will not solve the problem.

Gary North, Solutions for Ferguson

This was written six years ago. It’s now 2020, in the middle of a (hyped-up) pandemic, and the lawless riots are on again, because of a rampant and murderous injustice.

(Perhaps with a little bit of police instigation, to get the heat off the boys in blue.)

In any case, the financial pressure on black people on the ghettos and the hoods is just going to get worse in the coming Depression years.

Sure, smashing corporate welfare will yield a lot more money than eliminating the poor man’s welfare cheques: but the poor don’t have well-heeled, well-connected defenders in the Circles of Power, so the urban poor will get hit first and hardest.

Expect bad consequences.

(If you happen to live there… get out.)

In the immediate aftermath of the recession a decade ago, the unemployment rate hovered around 9 percent. Once expanded benefits were rolled back, it started dropping. This is roughly the inverse of what happened when Lyndon B. Johnson declared “war on poverty.”

Before Uncle Sam got involved, the poverty rate had been in clear free fall. Once he joined the battle, that trend was arrested, never to escape an 11–15 percent range.

It Seems That Everyone Who Isn’t a Hard-Core Leftist Is a “Libertarian”, by Christopher E. Baecker

You have to remember what didn’t work, in order to sniff out things that have worked before, or may well work in the future.

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