Cultural Transformation, Short-term and Long-term

What happened to the influential born again movement of the ‘70s and ‘80s? There was an unhealthy reliance on short-term political solutions to our nation’s problems. Politics was seen as the immediate savior. Activist lawyer John Whitehead again writes: “The most alluring reason activists movements are absorbed by the establishment is immersion in politics, to the extent that politics becomes an all-consuming religion. This has essentially wiped out the leftist movement of the ‘60s,and it will all but destroy the Christian activism of the ‘80s.”

Politics is the “quick fix” approach to cultural transformation. “The next presidential election will turn the tide. A change in the Supreme Court will bring our nation back to righteousness. If we could only get more conservatives elected to office.” None of this will do it. Only a long-term effort to change all facets of society will bring about significant and lasting transformation. This means changing the hearts and minds of millions of people. All this takes time, time that is not on the side of the pretribulational premillennialist.


The devil wants us to remain passive in the face of hostile opposition to the Christian faith. And, when we do get involved, he directs us to follow only defensive measures.  The devil isn’t too concerned if we battle humanism. He knows that in time we’ll go home. For most Christians, there’s no long-term strategy to implement. What angers, frustrates, and motivates the devil is when we start building to supplant humanism. When we start building schools, the devil-inspired humanists who have succeed in claiming the seats of judicial power swoop down on us to try to shut us down.

Gary North & Peter Leithard, The Reduction of Christianity: A Biblical Response to Dave Hunt

The well-groomed, intensely anti-Christian upper classes don’t worry about whatever babble they’re meowing about powerlessly in the totally irrelevant seminary or in the typically fourth-rate Christian college.

What Our Betters hate, and push to have eliminated, are non-conformist Christian families raising Christian children at home, following an independent Christian curriculum, to secure Christian goals.

Know Your Enemy.

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