Inner City Riots

Inner city riots are something like pandemics. They come unexpectedly, they create havoc for a time, and they fade away. Historically, inner city riots don’t last two weeks. Usually they are over in one week.

Inner-city rioters are short-term people. They are present-oriented. In this sense, they are lower class. They have no systematic philosophy of life.

They are deeply envious against whites, but they can’t get at the whites geographically. So, they loot and then torch businesses owned by pseudo-whites, meaning people in their own community who run businesses, save for the future, and try to keep the peace. Such people enrage them. The lower-class rioters resent such people. The economic success of such people testifies to the loser status of the rioters. The rioters know they are losers, but they have no intention to change. So, they want to get even with people whose very presence in the community testifies against them and their lower-class lifestyles. That is the essence of envy. The rioters are envy-driven.

Gary North, Law and Order: The Issue at Stake

Like white sinners, back sinners won’t change until their heart and mind is redeemed.

But, there is a substantial black minority who have no interest in repentance.

Without repentance, there is only suffering and death.

As for those blacks who want to make something of themselves… leave the ghetto.

Your neighbours don’t like you.

Get out.

“What about those white sinners?”

You mean, racist white police officers?

The riots impoverish the city, increasing the peed of our current economic downward spiral.

A poor city means budget cuts. Which, in time, means fewer police officers. With less pay, and fewer perks.

Corrupt bureaucracies respond to nothing but budget cuts.

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