Riots Reinforce Poverty

Urban black riots destroy black wealth, black hopes, and black lives. They also maul or bankrupt any outsider that opens stores in a black community, be they Jews or East Indians or Koreans.

The end result? A vulnerable population renders itself even weaker, even as her enemies pound the table about black-on-white crime (while blissfully ignore the poverty factor, by far the biggest factor in such evils.)

I doubt that the riots will end, until after the welfare state dies.

And the racism will endure, even long after White America becomes a small – but quite wealthy – minority in the United States.

(Glances at the Jews in Europe, or the Chinese in Indonesia or Malaysia.)

Not a good position, by the way. Unless the more pale Latinos are redefined as white: a distinct possibility, by the way.

The welfare state for poor people will be cut off, years before the axe comes for the middle-class (medicare, social security) and corporate welfare state.

Unfair? Well, unwise. Theft is theft, but the corps legally steal more money than the middle classes, who steal more money than the poor.

But when the axe comes down, it will be the weakest who will be hit, first and hardest.

And the axe will not strike without a cost. I expect riots far worse than the ones going on today, when the cheques stop coming. It’s unlikely that America’s major cities will ever recover from the coming future troubles.

“All debts will be paid for: the easy way, or the hard way.”

For us, it’s going to be the hard way.

Far worse riots are coming, even actual city-wide insurrections, when the government cheques bribes come to an end.

  • Either the military will be called in, resulting in a ferocious – and very one-sided – bloodbath:
    • which in and of itself will kick off a new chain of unpredictable consequences.
  • Or the ghettos will be independent — and radically impoverished — race-based socialist states: a combination of Venezuela and Mugabe-style Zimbabwe, writ very small.

Once again, my advice to blacks in the ghettos who want to make a decent life is to Get Out, Soonest. Even head to some small Southern rural town, if you wish: but get out of the hopeless urban deathtraps.

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