Big Danger, Silent Media

From Gary North, BLM’s Free Ride in the Media

—-<Begin Quote>—

If you travel south a couple of blocks to Beverly Boulevard, you find a statue of Raoul Wallenberg. This was posted on a Jewish website dated August 1, 2013.

After standing for nearly 25 years on the corner of Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard, a statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives in the Holocaust, will be rededicated on Aug. 5. . . .

The statue was unveiled on Dec. 4, 1988. Designed by the late Italian artist Franco Assetto, it features a bronze silhouette of a man with his hand extended, flanked by two stainless steel wings, symbolizing Wallenberg’s role as an angel of mercy. The drive to create the monument was spearheaded by John Brooks, a Hungarian Jew who was saved by Wallenberg, and Yaroslavsky. In the year prior to the statue’s erection, the street corner on which it now stands was given the name Raoul Wallenberg Square. . . .

Wallenberg, a 31-year-old Swedish businessman, was asked by the United States’ War Refugee Board to travel to Hungary in 1944 and undertake a mission to rescue Jews from the Nazis. Wallenberg produced thousands of Swedish protective papers for Jews in peril. In addition, he established some 30 safe houses in Budapest that sheltered thousands of Jewish refugees, and he set up an international ghetto protected by neutral countries.

Wallenberg was arrested in January 1945 by Soviet officials and was never seen again. In his six months in Hungary, it is estimated that Wallenberg may have saved up to 100,000 Jewish lives.

Why is this relevant? Because of this.

Graffiti on the walls of a synagogue read “Free Palestine” and “f*** Israel.” A statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis, was smeared with anti-Semitic slogans.

Along with the synagogues, Jewish-owned buildings and stores were defaced, in several cases also with anti-Semitic graffiti. The businesses were looted, too.

This city’s Fairfax district, a heavily Jewish area that has been continuously represented by a Jewish city councilman since 1953, was hit particularly hard by the kind of vandalism that has struck major cities following the killing of George Floyd in police custody.

“The attack on our community last night was vicious and criminal,” Paul Koretz, the district’s current city councilman, said in a statement Sunday. “As we watched the fires and looting, what we didn’t get covered were the anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents. Under the guise of protests, some advanced their anti-Semitic agenda.”

The anti-Semitism included the above messages on Temple Beth El and similar graffiti on the nearby Baba Sale Congregation.

Across the street from Beth El, the Kosher Mensch Bakery and Kitchen and the Jewish-owned clothing store Go Couture were destroyed. Stores on the fashionable Melrose Avenue, on the district’s northern border, also were damaged, as were multiple Jewish institutions in the area: Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Tivereth Avi/Morasha Educational Centre, Shaarei Tefilah synagogue and the Shalhevet school for girls, according to Aram Goldberg, vice president of the Jewish Federation Council.

The city councilman was right. This got no publicity in the national media. I doubt that it got much publicity in the local media. It was covered up. It doesn’t fit the narrative promoted by the mainstream media.

The vandals who defaced the statue and who scrawled graffiti on synagogues knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly who they were targeting. The hatred runs deep.

When black vandals get a free ride in the media when they do this to synagogues, they are getting a free ride across the nation.

—-<End Quote>—

What Was, What Is

The Liberal, Mainstream Media Complex has changed since the days of my youth. There is no way that the Old Guard would have let black Neo-Nazis get away with this vandalism.

But today, there is silence.

The dog is not barking.


  1. Understand who is in charge of the Media today. Understand what their goals are today. Not in the days of Teddy Kennedy. Not in the days of Ronald Reagan. Not in the days of George W. Bush, or Barack Obama.

  2. If the media is going to be silent before such vandalism, they are going to be silent if a few Jews are killed in the street during a riot. Or a few Jewish stores are smashed in during a riot. Or if certain people always seems to get targeted during a riot.

    The Media simply aren’t going to notice, if the Wrong Sort gets hurt.

    (And yes: The Jews are, once again, after all these decades, back in the box of the Wrong Sort. Not a Good Sign.)

    And the Media will NEVER spell this out. They will just decide not to notice as the Jews get targeted, more and more.

    Property will be destroyed, lives will be ended, and the Liberal Media will say not a word.

    They will say NOTHING.

Blinding You

You need accurate information, to know what is going on, to protect your life and property.


They much prefer to keep you in the dark.

They much prefer to blind you.

Remember “If it bleeds, it leads?” If the Media was just interested in making money, just like any other business, they could make Big Bucks yelling about the black Neo-Nazis.

The Media has no interest in making money. They are interested in being a univocal propaganda sheet for the Right Sort, spouting Official Doctrine and covering up the blood.

The Media is doing to do it’s level best to put BLM above the law. Like all the other Officially Approved concerns.

Get Alternative news sources. Get in touch with Unapproved Viewpoints.

Don’t let the Media blind you.

The Crisis Point

Finally: all this is nothing but a dry run.

If you are under the age of 50, you will probably live to see the day when the welfare cheques stop coming.

Today’s black riots are nothing but a dry run for THAT day.

Be prepared…

…and remember, the Media prefers to see you blinded on that day.

Use the eyes, the ears, the brains God gave you.

Get your own info sources up and running before then. Definitely locally, and regionally/naturally for some early warning of trouble brewing.

Even as the media streams stay silent.

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