The Source of Strength

To those who keep posting nonsensical articles that claim to “expose” BLM: Let me bring you back to reality.

BLM – the organization, I mean, the one that y’all are trying to expose – does not depend on your approval or disapproval. They are not afraid of your “exposing” them, because they are not hiding anything of what they are or what they believe. Your posts and articles and memes and Youtube clips won’t do anything to them, because BLM never intended to have you as their allies anyway. If anything, they have partially bet their success on your opposition. They want you as their enemies, because they understand the concept of having the right enemies (which concept you still don’t understand).

What BLM feeds off is very different. (And I can’t figure why so many Christians and conservatives are so stupid to not see the obvious.) The source of their strength is cases of police brutality. Every new case of police brutalizing or murdering an innocent person adds to BLM’s reputation. It doesn’t have to be a black person; they use the brutality against white victims also. The more police is out of control, the more BLM gains cultural influence. You can break your keyboards typing all your posts and articles “exposing” them for what they believe, and the next case of a uniformed thug abusing his power will nullify everything you write and say – if it ever had any impact at all.

If you want to break the source of their strength, you need to do your job of ending police brutality. You need to be at your next town hall meeting with your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM gets there. You need to tell your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM tells him – that you want the records of all the complaints against his cops to be made public. You need to demand – BEFORE BLM demands it – that every single cop who has a record of such complaints should be fired at that very moment without any pension. You need to tell your Sheriff or police chief – BEFORE BLM tells him – that your support of him goes out the window with the next police shooting or case of brutality. You need to demand – BEFORE BLM demands it – that he returns every single piece of military gear and equipment to the federal government and never again arm his cops better than his constituency is armed. You need to inform your judges – BEFORE BLM informs them – that their re-election depends on whether they strike down qualified immunity. Etc., etc., etc.

As of now, you are not doing anything of value. You are only making BLM stronger.

Quit being stupid, for a change.

Bojidar Marinov

Prediction: Nothing Will Change…

I suggest that Christian Conservatives are not going to change.

So, BLM will grow stronger: especially after the Welfare State buckles and snaps, the bribes to the ghettos dry up, and the whole American legal and political system gets discredited.

White America – especially White Christian America – will still put its trust in uniforms and badges and guns. And frankly couldn’t care less if there is some ‘rough stuff’ going on, and the occasional black man is chocked to death.

So long as Order is Maintained.

…Until It Is Entirely Too Late

No Hard Secession

I am assuming that the US military will still be strong enough to keep the country together after a default and a 80% budget cut. Most of that money goes to naval and air force boondoggles: that can all be stripped off, and still have enough money to double or triple the continental infantry ground force — maybe buy some more brigades of light armored vehicles — and set up a proper occupation force with a fair mount of ease.

Zap most of the carriers & ships (keep the subs!), eliminate half or more of the air force, dump the space force, and no need to boost the tanks or artillery. Even if 80% of the military budget is cut, you STILL have enough to build up some more specialized urban warfare/guerilla warfare units.

Summary: Even assuming a serious economic collapse, nobody is leaving the US anytime soon.

Soft Secession? Rather Likely

But note that BLM isn’t interested in seceding from the United States. They are interested in ending police brutality against black people. And defunding the police would make for an interesting start.

The military will be strong enough to maintain the authority of the President for the foreseeable future. But that being said, the President and the Federal government just isn’t interested in getting into the details of running every single state and city and town, especially as one of their two power tools — the financial carrot — will be gone by ~2030, leaving only the stick.

So long as any direct challenge to the territorial integrity of the United States or it’s taxation powers is avoided, it’s quite likely that various forms of soft secession/decentralization will be tolerated: it’s just too expensive to try and out all those petty, fourth-tier disturbances.

Something like the American Civil War is quite unlikely.

Something like the fragmentation of modern Mexico – with less drug-fueled fighting, and more race- and ideology-fueled strife — is a lot more likely.

Winners and Losers

And note: the number and power of those White American Conservatives – Christian or otherwise – have been on the decline for decades now, and will only accelerate into the future.

Nobody likes congenial losers. Especially when said losers see no need to repent, or learn, or change, or even reproduce themselves.

White American Conservatives just don’t have the stamina, the commitment, or the endurance of, say, French Arabs, or German Turks, or the Jews.

White American Conservatives don’t even have to willingness to sacrifice that other declining people have, people like the Ukrainians. Or the Russians. Or the Chinese. Or the Japanese.

(Demographically, all these nations are on deaths road: but unlike the White American, the other peoples are trying to get off that road, somehow. Rather than just put the pedal to the metal, or fixate on How Things Used To Be.)

Obviously, White American Conservatives don’t have the toughness, the endurance, or the commitment of Black Americans.

But also, they can’t match the commitment and self-sacrificial levels of Chinese Christians. Or Iranian Christians. Or Indian Christians. Or Pakistani Christians. Or African Christians, especially those in Islamic lands.

Too much White focus on power and privilege, safety and comfort.

And the awesome glory of a dead past.


Will Black Lives Matter suffer for their sins? Absolutely… later.

But, first things first.

The people with the most power and wealth bear the greater responsibility. And just as they got the greater wealth and honour for greater obedience, so they get the greater loss and shame for disobedience.

And the level of obedience and justice that is demanded only increases for God’s people, never decreases.

Greater knowledge + greater wealth = greater responsibility and tougher levels of accountability.

And sharper penalties for failure.

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