A Bit More on the L.A. Mini-Pogrom

Not long after the first riots linked to the death of George Floyd had erupted, I realized a fact that hadn’t been emphasized at all in most media: How huge swaths of major cities had been destroyed by rioters.

It took the New York Post’s video on the wreck that was downtown Manhattan — block after block after block of broken glass and boarded-up storefronts — (plywood and board-up companies are making a killing these days) for me to see a side of the protests that most media weren’t showing us.

Out on the Left Coast, the ruin was similar. The Oregonian called riot-plagued Portland “a city of plywood.”

Since then, images have emerged of a darker narrative, with rioters targeting Jewish businesses. Israeli newspapers ran with this angle this past Saturday, but by the end of the day, there was nothing about the Jewish vandalism to be found on the New York Times website. Usually the Times is pretty up on anti-Semitism, but it was easier to find a piece about Anna Wintour than any mentions of vandalized Jews.

So now we’re avoiding news about anti-Semitism in these riots urging diversity? American Jewish media have been on this for some weeks. The Forward ran this on June 1:

(Local businessman Jonathan) Friedman said he believes Jewish businesses were targeted specifically. “All Jewish businesses and temples in the area were either broken into or had graffiti tagged on their walls. I understand the demonstrators’ frustration, but we have nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd.”

Do read that story, as it’s heartrending, especially the part about the Iranian Jewish immigrant whose jewelry store was completely ransacked. Insurance won’t cover much of the loss, so he’s ruined.

Arutz Sheva, an Israeli TV network, covered the riots with this video.


Now, where’s the mainstream press on this obvious religious targeting? I haven’t seen a thing about this in the Los Angeles Times, not to mention other media. Have you?

Jewish businesses in Los Angeles ransacked in riots, but only Israeli and Jewish media care by Julia Duin

There are going to be an unpredictable set of consequences for all this.

It’s Kristallnacht, the pogrom on Nov. 9-10, 1938, in German and Austrian cities where more than 1,400 synagogues were torched and thousands of Jewish businesses destroyed. The name comes from all the glass that lay on the pavement after Nazi thugs destroyed storefronts. Sound familiar?

With statues being pulled down these days by whoever can gather enough people and some rope, people are realizing the police may not be there for them. One thing that’s spiking is gun sales. Last month, there was an 80% increase in gun sales compared to May 2019.

This Tampa Bay Tribune piece reveals how deep the fear of anarchy is right now — with a devastated economy and street riots.

Perhaps media are ignoring this because they didn’t see anti-Jewish mobs march on heavily Orthodox neighborhoods like Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Was the damage and graffiti in Los Angeles, as one tweeter put it, “just BLM boilerplate about solidarity with Palestinians?”

The Israeli newspapers clearly didn’t think so. The rabbi in the above video with this blog post points to anti-Semitic roots in elements of the #BlackLivesMatter organization, itself. There are documents out there to examine and people debating them.

Jewish businesses in Los Angeles ransacked in riots, but only Israeli and Jewish media care by Julia Duin

I think Black Lives Matter will succeed in defunding many police forces… especially as the Depression deepens, and city & state governments (who have no printing press) deeply cut budgets.

And what happens after the police are gone?

Police have too much power, because politicians have too much power. There is little chance that the George Floyd protests and riots will reverse the criminalization of daily life. How many “Defund the Police” activists are also calling for a radical rollback of politicians’ prerogatives to punish almost any activity they disapprove? There will be some reforms and plenty of promises, but as long as cops have pretexts to harass and assail millions of peaceful Americans every day, the outrages will not end. Until protestors realize that the problem is Leviathan, not the local police chief, oppression will continue.

Repealing Useless and Abusive Laws Might Do More Good Than “Defunding” the Police by James Bovard

If conservatives took the need to restrict police powers seriously, quite a lot of the outrages Black Americans suffer would diminish: and with it, a lot of rage.

But there is zero interest among conservatives (or liberals… or even BLM!) to restrict and diminish police power per se.

Just a drive to get that power in Trustworthy Hands.

Expect more pain and outrage. And perhaps one day, a change of oppressor in various neighbourhoods.

We agree on this:

The solution to mismanaged riots in the blue state cities and juvenile stunts like the six-block Autonomous Zone in Seattle is Federalism. That is, law enforcement is a state and local function that should never have been elevated to the federal level in the first place.

We should get rid of the FBI, DEA, ATF, and the rest of the law enforcement alphabet of bureaucratic fiefdoms by repealing the War on Drugs and the rest of the nanny state statutes.

There is no reason whatsoever that legitimate law enforcement—protection of the lives and property of the citizenry—cannot be handled by the 17,000 law enforcement agencies operative at the state and local level.

That’s not going to happen. It’s a nice thought. It’s also utopian. Everybody is entitled to his own mental utopia, but he had better not get this confused with reality. I don’t think Stockman does.

David Stockman on the Effects of the Lockdowns by Gary North

I would put a modifier: it won’t happen until there is no money to fund federal law enforcement.

Not that there is a LOT of money sloshing around there: the feds can chop their budget 80% (bye-bye Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid) and still have plenty to fully fund federal law enforcement, and the CIA/NSA/etc, and a large number of Army units in the continental US.

(Perhaps not quite enough to cover the aircraft carrier groups or the super-expensive airplanes. But that’s just for pork-barrelling and Imperial adventures, anyways.)

I thing that the money will still go, as the productivity of the average American declines. But that’s a generational process, not tied to a single financial depression or even the Great Default/end of the Welfare State.

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