Smashed Academia

Reading I Quit by James Heathers is enlightening, regarding the serious problems the coronavirus mania has inflicted to Academia.

It would have been far less damaging — especially to the young students, but also to the university as a whole — to have just let “The Plague” run its course.

(The greatest danger would be to the elderly professors: but they could have self-isolated and taught from home. The entire system didn’t need to be smashed to shards.)

The educational quality of online universities are — assuming you can’t reach the top-tier 20 brick-and-mortar universities — essentially interchangeable with the average education fro the average physical university. If you insist on certified/accredited online universities, they can certainly be found.

And online universities are A LOT CHEAPER than brick’n’mortar sites – especially if you quiz out the first two years. This will matter as the ongoing recession/depression progresses, and Dad simply can’t pay for the five-year fun’n’games boola of the standard degree.

As you know, I am a big fan of CLEP exams.

The best general strategy to get through college is to use CLEP exams to quiz out of the lower division years. That means 60 semester credit hours. This will cost about $2,500.

Liberal arts students should get their degrees from online universities that are inexpensive. A good choice is the Western Governors University. There are others. I have written about this repeatedly.

The Best Job for a College Student by Gary North

And really, you don’t want a career in academia. Go for a lab, go for a startup, go corporate. Even go independent.

DON’T go Academic.

There’s no future there for 99% of us unconnected, non-political people.

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