Solve the Problem? Nah. Just Get the Power!

I have studied Communist strategy for over 60 years. I’m pretty good at understanding it.

The Communists identified a problem in society. Then they designed a strategy to challenge the existing social order in the name of solving this legitimate problem. The goal of the Communists was not to solve the problem. Their goal was to call the legitimacy of capitalism into question by focusing on some problem. People could be organized to fight the problem. The real goal was to undermine capitalism, not solve the problem. This strategy worked very well in Great Britain during the Great Depression.


“The concern of a consistent Marxist is not to improve race relations. The concern of a consistent Marxist is to find a way to exploit racial problems in order to foment a revolution against the capitalist system.”

The next step in the teaching process would be to ask students if they think there is a real racial problem in the United States. They could discuss some of the problems. One of them is police brutality. This has been an ancient problem.

The discussion should then lead to the underlying issue: equality before the law. This is the basis of the rule of law and society. This is the basis of social peace in a society. The law is to apply to everybody equally. Discrimination in the enforcement of law is illegitimate.

Then talk about the rule of law as the foundation of Western civilization.

Guide the discussion along these lines: what kinds of reforms could be implemented to increase the likelihood that police departments, the court system, and civil society could implement the rule of law as a way to bring racial justice and therefore racial peace.

The focus of the discussion should be this: justice produces peace. This is true in every area of society. Then focus the discussion on racial injustice and violence.

If the goal of society is to avoid violence, then the use of violence in attaining reform is counterproductive. Show why the Marxists use violence as a means of fomenting more violence. It is a technique that they have used to overturn capitalism, not reform society according to the principle of the rule of law and the principle of nonviolence.

Hijacking the Hijackers: How to Redirect BLM Away from Marxist Violence by Gary North

Marxists are a murderous and cruel bore.

But the flash and drama, the love of violence, and the promise of rebirth via chaos attracts a lot of minds, including more than a few high IQ types.

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