Uncle Toms

Uncle Toms, Narrative and Real

From the article, Larry Elder’s New Doc, ‘Uncle Tom,’ Will Frighten the American Left

Black voters are overwhelmingly Democrats, and without them there would be no Democratic Party. So when Black conservatives publicly consider the damage that the liberal welfare state has done to the Black family, or when they question big-city public school systems that trap minorities and resist providing educational freedom, there is a problem.

And they’re called “Uncle Toms.”

“I have long since gotten over the idea that I should react emotionally when someone calls me a name,” Elder said. “I now feel sorry that you have been so corrupted, by Hollywood, media [and] academia, that I, Larry Elder, am your villain? Not the welfare state? Not bad economic policies? Not porous borders putting downward pressure on wages for Black and brown people, but I’m the bad guy?

“What’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with your thinking?” said Elder. “Who has indoctrinated you like that? That’s my reaction.”

Note that bit, “Black voters are overwhelmingly Democrats, and without them there would be no Democratic Party.”

The Welfare State… All of It

I doubt if you can end the welfare state for poor blacks, without ending the welfare state for middle-class whites.

It’s politically impossible to end the welfare state for corporations and the major banks — at least, not without the destruction of the United States as it is currently constituted — but that goal makes for a good, near-utopian end goal.

Also, it would be good to at least begin the dismantling of federal law enforcement (including the Drug War apparatus) and the national security state. Again, effectively utopian this side of the Great Default & the bankruptcy of the Federal (and most state & local) governments.

Democrats will protect the entire Welfare State. Republicans will protect most of the Welfare State… except that bit that helps blacks.

Why should the average Black American go along with the Republicans on this? Especially when blacks have been mistreated, short-changed, or just plain old robbed, raped, and murdered by powerful White Americans with impunity for decade after decade?

(And yes, I oppose the Welfare State… all of it. But I don’t see why Black Americans, alone, should be cut off from the government gravy when it corrupts everything it touches: black & white, rich and poor, corporate and individual.

Burn all of the Welfare State, or let it all stand until the Great Default kicks in.)

Protect the Stickmen!

It should be noted that Republicans are loud supporters of police powers, while Democrats are quiet but equally firm supporters of police “qualified immunity”.

Congressman Justin Amash introduced a bill boldly calling to end the policy. Only one Republican cosponsored it, but the Democrat majority carried a police reform bill that incorporates softer measures. It will probably be stalled in the Senate even at that and faces a promised veto from Trump. To show you how touchy of an issue this is, the Democrat version is not only way softer than Amash’s, but Pelosi would not allow Amash even the chance to amend it. In other words, even Democrats tread lightly when it comes to really messing with government agent (incl. police) immunity.

(This stands to reason, as Democrats love big government power every bit as much as Republicans, RINOs, and other statists do. I also believe that Democrats ultimately covet that same level of immunity because it is also applied, with much less publicity, to social workers, child and family services agents, and other agents of the left-liberal desired, jack-booted nanny-state. Ruining “qualified immunity” for cops now will mean the protection is gone when cops are replaced or supplemented by an army of other agents in the future, or to some extent now.)

“Qualified Immunity” masks much deeper problems by Joel McDurmon

Seeing how the Black Democratic Caucus backed Pelosi on this — protecting the police’s ability to do anything they please, without consequence, to whomever they please (with cosmetic, meaningless exceptions) — there’s an excellent case to be made that they are just as much Uncle Toms as Black Republicans.

Perhaps far more so, as they have real power, and could stop this injustice… but simply WILL NOT DO SO.

New Masters, New Rebels

The two parties can be seen as two sets of masters — one smiling, one frowning — who merely

  1. changed your master from individual men to the collective State, and
  2. are working hard to expand the category of “slave” from poor blacks to poor anyone,
  3. while simultaneously expanding the category of “poor” while reducing the category of “middle-class.”

It’s all fun and games until there are no welfare treats for the powerless, history-free, culture-free, family-free, religion-free, hope-free Pavlovian dogs.

No more treats mean plenty of sticks. But you need money to pay for the stickmen, the strawbosses, the police & the military.

And an ever-shrinking middle class, coupled with an ever-more oppressed and hopeless underclass, is not a recipe for plenty of money for fat budgets for the state security forces.

But it’s a great receipe for a hardened revolutionary cadre around, say, 2040 or so.

Perhaps publicly led by a John Brown figure, and quietly backed by some updated version of the Secret Six.

Note that I picked the year 2040 for a reason. The academic-fueled destruction of American identity & culture still has a ways to go, even today. The injustice and hopelessness of our current economic system – “the soft fascist, government-business partnership” just hasn’t peaked yet.

(But the ‘soft fascism’ is hardening nicely…)

There’s still plenty of room for more massive deficits, more FED money games, more welfare clients – big and small, corporate and individual – placed on an ever-shrinking base of wealth-generating, job-creating businesses.

“Plenty of room” equals five, ten years or so. Good enough for today’s crop of aging politicians, who will be long gone when the bills come due… and the kids refuse to pay them.

Put in ten more years for the poor & working class to decide that things will never get better.

“All stick, no carrot. Forever.”

And an updated version of John Brown – or Augustus – will be stepping into the spotlight.

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