Toppling Statues

Quora: If in America a crowd can bring down a statue of Columbus or the generals of the South without legal consequences, can the same thing be done with the statue of Martin Luther King? In other words, does this set a dangerous precedent?

Lee Ballentine, surrealist, poet, engineer, six time Top Writer on Quora.

You mean like this statue of King was?

Or this one?

Or maybe this one?

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of statues of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. have been toppled, beheaded, or otherwise defaced all over the world. And in the United States. This has been happening for decades. A Dutch museum actually gathered a few of them together for an exhibition.

Rarely or never is anyone prosecuted for this vandalism.

13 statues beheaded, broken or stolen

Statue of Martin Luther King Jr. (Houston) – Wikipedia


I have been reminded that Confederate generals like Robert E. Lee lived long lives. After the war, Lee was honored as the president of a college, was wined and dined at the White House, and died in his 60s surrounded by family and friends. Statues of him were the least of his honors.

Martin Luther King, the man himself, was assassinated at age 39. He had public attention but few honors in America in his lifetime, despite his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. His greatest honor is the high regard in which he is held all over the world, by so many people.

History and Legacy

Martin Luther King Jr. has some serious spiritual & personality flaws.

But he did A LOT MORE for the Will of God — “actual equality before the law!” — oppressed Americans (who God has His eye on), humanity as a whole, and (via his pacifism) even the general peace and security of the United States, than the slaveholding Southern military officer core ever did.

Far less blood and unjust pain on his hands. Far more freedom and liberty, by the power of his words.

Yes, like King David, Martin’s hands are not clean. But I would not tear down his statues, either lawlessly or by lawful means.

In the end, he was a man who did some public good – even great! – works, and some private wickedness. A life to consider and contemplate, not erase from history.

And a reproof to believing conservative Christians.

God wisely choose to bring Martin Luther King Jr. — warts and all — to prominence and leadership, as he was willing to do what all those hundreds or thousands of clean-living, doctrinally correct conservative Christian pastors and religious leaders refused to do for generations: bring justice to the oppressed.

Seeing all those destroyed statues of Martin Luther King Jr., I suggest that said conservative Christians STILL have not learned their lesson.

And all that crying over the the busted statues of white heroes — Confederate and otherwise — isn’t really helping the Conservative cause. Did they really think that they could silently destroy one aspect of American history — one of the better parts, too! — without the rest of American history coming under threat?

More Fires Next Time

The riots are over, but I’m pretty sure that nothing has been learned. Eventually – in an even poorer economy, under a government with even less legitimacy – there will be another explosion of riots over some different instance of police brutality.

Again, they will be permitted to burn in black neighbourhoods, destroying more black wealth, and driving black entrepreneurs to relocate out of the ghettos, pronto.

Again, they will be stomped on when the riots threaten the homes of liberal politicians (See: Seattle) and middle-class neighbourhoods.

They will be better organized and directed by various leftist revolutionaries than they were this year. Maybe a politician’s home will be torched, perhaps one or two middle-class neighbourhoods will be destroyed before they are forcefully ended by men with guns.

And so it will go, until the welfare cheques end.

That’s when the Bad Times will kick in. When there are no more treats to reward obedience, and only sticks to compel it.

FAR wiser for poor Black Americans to get a free education from the Khan Academy (and not the worthless, lawless public schools given to them!), get into a good trade, and get out of the ghetto.

“But where’s the Democratic votes in that? Better to keep them dependent on the welfare rolls, always stress how powerless they would be without us to protect them, and enjoy the secure vote bank their fear, powerlessness, and resentment guarantees.”

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