Democrats, Witches, and Satanists

First: A blatant display of the results of Christian cowardice, failure, and disobedience.

Second: The sins to be dumped and our evils to be repented of, to regain Christian strength, regain the initiative for Christ, secure His victory, and continue the work of disciplining the nations… including this one!

A Great Big Flash, And a Little Hotter Flame

From Gateway Pundit comes a (justly) incendiary post, sure to get the clicks (and rightfully so!), but with a distinct absence of solutions or analysis. (Except, implicitly, “Vote Republican!”)

It’s a great big flash — that we should pay attention to! — but not much thought for the reason behind the corruption, or analysis how we got to be in this demonic fix.

One minor but critical note: the article is not on the persecution of a Christian group (although I am confident that such things occur!).

It’s about the persecution of a conservative group.

I just don’t like bullies – Satanic or Christian – so it’s still worth discussing…

…but there’s a tinge of a pagan “POLITICS FIRST” flavour that can easily mislead the believing, outraged Christian.

Be careful not to waste your time on superficial political stuff. Much better to pour your might and time in bringing to the real world — your life, your family, your community, your church, your business — what Christ has taught you: justice and truth, compassion and peace, humility and service.

The Kingdom of God is a Social Order

If you have time and energy to spare for politics, start at dogcatcher, (as “POLITICS FOURTH!” North recommends), build those connections to the people nearby, and – with hard work and lots of listening and serving others – you might make a real difference in the county or town government.

Forget State or Federal positions: far too rotten, far too gone for believers. But read up on county politics: that could actually prove to be useful!

(Especially after the Federal and State governments go belly-up: no more carrots, no more sticks to control the locals. Link this to the destruction of any coherent mainstream narrative, and you got some real room to maneuver locally!)

—<Quote Begins>—

College Democrats, Satanists and Witches Team Up to Shut Down Young Conservatives of Texas Chapter

The University of North Texas College Democrats are allying with satanists and witches to try and shut down the school’s Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter.

The UNT College Democrats teamed up with the GLAAD Alliance and MUEVE, a liberal “latinx” org, on a petition to remove the conservative organization from campus. The anti-free speech crusade, which has already gathered over 2,500 signatures, lead to the chapter’s chairman Kelly Neidert receiving a wide array of hate messages and threats.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and Friend Rush to Perform Life-Saving Measures on Shooting Victims in St. Louis! — Eric Greitens Just Spoke with The Gateway Pundit

“We are currently out of school right now, but we have still been active on Twitter.  Out of the blue this past week, our College Democrats, GLAAD Alliance, and MUEVE decided to make a petition to disband our organization.  It received over 2,400 signatures, and our President decided to tweet that he was ‘looking into us,’” Neidert told the Gateway Pundit. “However, we haven’t done anything to break school policy and we have the First Amendment obviously, so we never got a formal notice from the university.”

In the strangest turn of this story, a large portion of the threats came from self-proclaimed “witches” and satanists.

A student named Anna Grace Eckert messaged Neidert saying that she was hexing her, along with a photo, and that “last time I hexed you, you got sexually harassed, which I didn’t mean to happen.”

Eckert also bragged about the hex on social media.

“After that, a student decided to message me and say that she put a ‘hex’ on me, and stated that this wasn’t the first time that she had done so.  She tweeted at me and managed to draw more of these so-called ‘witches’ in, and they began tweeting tarot cards at me that had weird goats, skeletons, and the word ‘death’ on them,” Neidert continued. “More of these people showed up on our Facebook page as well, stating we should watch our backs and that they were ‘hexing’ me.  There were also people tweeting ‘Hail S*tan’ at us, and our College Democrats liked one of those messages.”

On July 12, the UNT College Democrats liked a tweet at YCT UNT saying “hail satan” from an account that is constantly posting satanic messages.

Neidert said that beyond liking the “hail satan” post, the College Democrats also refused to disavow any of the occult threats and satanic messages.

The Washington Free Beacon reached out to the College Democrats and reported that “a spokesman for UNT’s College Democrats said the liberal student group condemned the harassment of Neidert but had no comment on the ‘hex.’ The group stands by the petition.”

Neidert told the Gateway Pundit that the university has not bothered reaching out to her despite the severe threats she has been subjected to, of both violent and occult varieties.

—<Quote Ends>—

I can be rather confident where the mainstream churches stand in this conflict.

The BLM organization and the ACLU, too.


I bet that the seminary students are still studying obscure debates from the 17th century, and still debating about the important of the regulative principle, to protect their precious temple precincts and their patriarchal authority over their inferiors.

I wonder if they have peaked their head outside the window recently?

A Little Hot Flame

From: Thinking about ‘fundamentalism’ with David French: Does this f-word apply to liberalism?

—<Quote Begins>—

Obviously, this piece [here] will offend many on both the left and right. I hope journalists will read it and ponder how many Americans are attacking one side of the First Amendment (religious liberty), while other Americans attack the other side of the First Amendment equation (freedom of speech and the press).

French is attacking illiberal fundamentalists who often want to do both.

—<Quote Ends>—

The masks of the Compassionate, Tolerant Liberal fell off.

Long, long ago.

Consider this article as a focus on the little hot flame that lit the great big flash.

Powerless, Helpless Churches and Churchmen

Now, we all know the two most likely reactions of the Good Conservative:

  • Hide in the prayer closet and beg to escape via the Imminent Rapture;
  • Run to the Big Man of the Republicans and beg for protection. “We’ll do anything! Anything!”

Not a single though about how a Christian Culture of the early-to-mid 20th century led to the pointedly anti-Christian culture of the 21 century.

(Well, in the universities, academia, media, and the judiciary…. but that seeps out to the rest of the nation.)

Hatred of the Laws of King Jesus

The core reason is the utter refusal to discipline the United States, to make it a disciple of Christ and obedient to His Law-Word in all ways.

You’re going to wait a long, LONG time, before Christian churches publicly give imprecatory prayers against the enemies of Christ, high and low, by name.

Our Pious Leaders feel that it’s better to cringe and run from witches and satanists and their hexes.

Satanists and their fellow travellers who aren’t afraid to name their enemies.

In public, for all to see.

(Hey? Want to guess the Divine reward will be, for those Christians who refuse to take a stand against the enemies of Christ?)

If you are going to stand up against such enemies of sand and straw, basing their strength on flash mobs and lots of shouting and magic spells

— the power of the flesh, of the enraged and whipped-up mob, fortified with delusions —

you are going to have to stand on the truth and righteousness and justice: the authority and power of Christ, His demands and His laws.

But Christ’s demands and Christ’s laws implicate the evil of Christians, even more than the blatant evils of antichrists!

“Best to leave Jesus alone, who will burn down our own corrupt houses as much as theirs. Much wiser to turn to Political Strong Men instead!”

Refusal to Repent

The Church is powerless, because the Church refuses to repent.

God will not give victory to soldiers who will not learn, who will not obey, who will not clean themselves. Who will never admit wrong, and thus will never learn to do what is right.

[All of the below is just from the Lamb’s Reign site: a more widely-read reader can come up with plenty more!]

The Greatest Proslavery Army: The Conservative Clergy and The Churches and the “Worst Kind of Slavery”

(Sin: Lawlessness, Pride, Power-worship, Lovelessness, Rampant Oppression, Refusal to Repent)

Gnosticism or the Kingdom of God and Why Dualistic Pietism Leads to Worldliness

(Sin: Magic, Paganism/Animism, Hatred of the physical creation, worldliness)

Sacraments and Magic

(Sin: Magic, Priestly power-hunger, Paganism/Ritualism)

God does not call men to be hard, God calls men to be like Jesus: The Patriarchal Sexualization of Everything

(Sin: Pride, Power-worship, hatred of humility, refusal to serve, contempt for the weak)

Brothers, we are not partisan cheerleaders.

{Sin: Power-worship, Man-worship, Putting material power over spiritual power)

Churches: We Are Not Mini-Temples

(Sin: Ritualism, Power-worship, Refusal to serve others, Disempowering the laity; both male and female, young and old.)

A quote from the article:

The morally degraded state of affairs in America and the marginalization of Christianity is exactly what you would expect given much of the theology, organization and practice of her churches.

Brothers and sisters, we as the Church of Jesus Christ, are not in the business of planting, advancing and sustaining mini-temples. We are in the the business of planting, advancing and sustaining Christian civilization. The Fellowship of Christian Reconstructionist Churches nails this on the head.

If you’re hearing this for the first time and you have no idea that this problem exists, even in good “solid” local churches, read on. By design, it’s not supposed to be obvious. But it’s effects are monumental and tragic.

The disestablishment of ungodly institutions

(Sin: Power-worship, crippling the laity, hindering the public authority of Christ and His Law-Word.)

Over and over again in the Old Testament, God threatens covenant sanctions on Israel’s institutions. Their worship? Filthy (Isaiah 1). Their government? Idolatry everywhere. What about their priests? The pastors—surely, they are exempt from judgment. Remember the destruction of the temple? Remember the second destruction of the temple?

Ah, you might say, that’s Old Testament! We’re New Testament Christians! First, no, we’re biblical Christians, and even that is redundant. Second, the churches in Revelation . . . are . . . New Testament. This is where all of this is heading, and I’ll let R.J. Rushdoony set it up:

“The training of such mature men is the function of the church. The purpose of the church should not be to bring men into subjection to the church, but rather to train them into a royal priesthood capable of bringing the world into subjection to Christ the King. The church is the recruiting station, the training field, and the armory for Christ’s army of royal priests. It is a functional, not a terminal, institution. . . . The church has by and large paid lip service to the priesthood of all believers, because its hierarchy has distrusted the implications of the doctrine, and because it has seen the church as an end in itself, not as an instrument.”3

Abuse & The Church – Chalcedon Releases Important Lecture Series

(Sin: Power-worship, Rape, Lust, Fornication)

Grimly, this kind of filth has even harmed the leadership of Chalcedon. This kind of iniquity stems from a Satanic, demonic culture within Christian churches and among her clergy that we must cut off from the Body of Christ, by excommunication or by abandoning such Satanic churches.

“But this Satanic church always votes Republican!”

Question: Does Hellfire come in both blue and red?

Or does God have something else in mind?

Somebody is going to find out!

John Knox’s Blast of Monstrous Pagan Chauvinism

(Sin: Oppression, Paganism, Lies)

Note: it is this Satanic chauvinism that leads to Satanic abuse.

The Wrong Priority: Christianity – Cult or Kingdom?

(Sin: Rank disobedience (Abandonment of Christ’s command to disciple the nations), power-worship (by centralizing power around the church – and thus, her clergy.))

The Kingdom of God is a Social Order

(Sin: Cultism, Power-worship, Direct defiance of Christ’s Commands.)

A quote from the article:

Over the past century Christianity has increasingly ceased to function as public truth in the Western nations. Whatever a society considers to be public truth will inevitably function as the religion of that society. What functions as public truth in modern Western nations is secular humanism. Secular humanism is the religion of the West today. Christianity has been reduced to the status of a mere mystery cult, i.e. a personal salvation cult.

Got it in one!

Thoughts on the Shapiro and MacArthur Interview

(Sin: Christian faithlessness regarding Christ’s authority, disbelief in Christ’s victory, prideful racism)

Why Win the Culture War?

Two Reasons:

Unbelievers Will Never Create a Just Society


Christianity is the True Politics

How to Lose the Culture War

From “How to win the Culture War”

One of the bigger disappointments I have witnessed in this regard was a talk given by Roman Catholic apologist Peter Kreeft, entitled, “How to Win the Culture War.” In an attempt to mimic C. S. Lewis, Kreeft pretended to speak as Screwtape to his audience. Not thirty seconds into the talk, Kreeft informed his audience that his topic was in fact not how to win the culture war, but rather how to lose the culture war.

Now that’s a significantly easier task, and is akin to pretty much everything else conservative Christians are selling and buying these days: just complain about every little advance of the enemy, and then raise moans of helplessness to each other. Do this very long and pretty soon, these Christians have compiled a pretty impressive resume for the enemy. They then cower in fear of his prowess, oblivious to the fact they have done his service and propaganda for him. Make a product out of it, and some Christians will pay richly to read or listen to it! Negative headlines are even a path to wealth for some Christian leaders.


There was nothing here about actually winning a “culture war” except following traditional Catholic ideas which involves an emphasis on separating between Christ and Caesar. As you may imagine, this involved the same dichotomies, and, in fact, added more. It devolves into Christ letting Caesar crucify Him not so Christ could win “this world” but “the next world.” We must not focus on the natural but the supernatural, not the temporal but the eternal.

With this type of focus heavenward, never-to-be-turned-earthward with any heavenly authority or expectation of accomplishment, there is no way anyone could even win a culture war. The theology, sovereignty, jurisdiction, mission, and eschatology are all neutered from the outset.

How to Win the Culture War

How to win the cultural war?

Get rid of Judas.

…let us recall the real reason for this failure. R. J. Rushdoony pointed the direction to the proper foundations for Christian Culture in 1973, in his sermons on the Ten Commandments which became The Institutes of Biblical Law. Since that time, few theologians, activists, politicians, policy wonks, pastors, pulpits, or Christian media have made biblical law the focus of their agenda. The few who have either did so only in a very shallow, nominal, or limited sense, or turned out to be frauds. Yet there can be no basis for Christian society other than biblical law. Aim anywhere else than here and you’ll miss the mark.

Christian activists and Religious Right proponents have instead maintained a program of “anything but” biblical law. They have reached for every program and compromise imaginable before they will embrace the Moses Christ ratified. They will even prefer alliances with non-Christian cults and a million secularistic facades before they will face up to biblical law.

I could list the problems in detail, and indeed have done quite a bit of it in Restoring America. In the end, the major reason most Christians won’t make positive changes per biblical law is that they are bought off. The greatest impediment is economic: government control of money and funding. States refuse to stand up to Supreme Court rulings because the first line of major sanctions would be refusal of major federal funding upon which people and businesses in that State are dependent. Counties cower to State governments just the same. Christians are every bit as devious social thieves as the rest, and they cannot bring themselves to part with their public schools, medicares, medicaids, social securities, not to mention the consistent refusal to address the underlying problems these government programs purport to help—and their pulpits refuse to tell them otherwise. What a mountain we are up against!

Given this, I believe Kreeft may really have been onto something. That whole government grant of 30 pieces of silver? Ha. Maybe we need a whole series of sermons on Judas, and who he really is.

Bonus: The Worthless Seminiaries, and Their Pre-Broken, Pre-Defeated Product

From my other blog:

On failed leadership, and successful leadership, in early Revolutionary America:

“Pastors want to avoid controversy. Leadership almost always involves having to make controversy. There is no way of avoiding controversy. Pastors hate controversy like the plague. They want everything smooth. Leadership is not based on smooth sailing.”

Leadership and Empire, by Gary North

So much for devout Christian leadership in today’s world.

For more on my raging hostility on seminaries – with thanks to North for opening my eyes:

The Problem With Seminaries

Priestly Certification and Guild Control

(for a solid non-paywall version, see Smash the Guilds)

Theology Without a Seminary

Advice on Becoming a Pastor

Bonus: Driving Out Wolves, Killing Sin

I have been focusing on Lamb’s Reign here, but I just have to republish two oldies but goodies from Kingdom and Abolition:

Be Killing Sin: The REAL Future of Christendom (guest post)

Why doesn’t the Christian Reconstructionist movement grow and replicate itself? Why are we still reading and regurgitating Rushdoony, but not progressing past memorization and recitation of ideas? Because we are holding sin close to our bosom and it is killing us. We are remaining static, ever the same, never changing, never growing, showing that at our core we are opposed to our postmillennialist ideas. Instead of seeking to put in the work to change things when it hurts most, we accept the world as it is today. Instead of acting on how it ought to be and establishing justice in line with God’s Word, we merely talk a lot about it. When it hurts our pride or may potentially lessen our numbers, we won’t apply it.

Keep an eye on 1) the racist kinists and 2) the patriarchal pagans within the camp.

The goal: to get them out of the camp.

They can go run with the crooked cross people, or whatever.

Beware of Broken Wolf Dens.

Broken wolves are NOT your friends.

Even if they are wearing the title of a pastor, or the clothing of a priest.

And the problem isn’t just with the wolves.

The feelings of brokenness, victimization, and disenfranchisement can be harmful to the christian and church leader, but in a very real way, most of Evangelical church culture has adopted a very similar view of the world and the Church. Yes, beware of the Broken Wolves in the Church, but be equally wary of a culture of brokenness.

One way hurt and broken men become wolves is encouraging the least able sort of men to do the job of leading Christ’s Church.

“The ministry” is a very common “calling” for exactly the wrong kind of man. Of course there are many exceptions, but our churches are being led by far too many young men (or old men) who were the sweet, insecure, bullied, choir-boy types. They grew up being socially awkward, bullied, feeling disenfranchised, and feeling belittled. These types can move beyond this, of course, but too many drag that identity along with them their whole lives.

They’re not good at much other than reading so they naturally thrive in the ivory tower of Reformed academia. When given a pastorate, their past incompetencies are a plague upon the community. The immature, wimpy, nerd that was once bullied now has functionally all control and all power. Sometimes the most petty, spiteful, and controlling individuals are the ones that never had the ability to have control over others until they’re handed essentially all the control. It is very often a dangerous mixture of general social incompetence, a lack of leadership skills, fear of losing the control, and a twisted pride in some book smarts. There is no biblical leadership, but rather a sort of leadership that relies fully on bylaws and bureaucracy. Discipleship is replaced with checking the boxes off in the Book of Church Order; making sure to do things in the “proper” way.

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