“A Protected Class”

In a blistering public resignation letter, former New York Times staff writer and Opinion editor Bari Weiss either accused or came close to accusing her colleagues at the paper of illegal conduct. After saying she was the “subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with [her] views,” Weiss said that there are terms for describing the way she was treated—such as, “unlawful discrimination.”


Employment law attorney Tom Spiggle told Law&Crime it was “hard to see a viable legal claim” in Weiss’s missive — “at least based on what she details in the letter.”

“None of the actions are based on a protected class,” Spiggle explained. “At best, she suggests some didn’t like her based on Jewish heritage, which would be actionable. But it would be difficult to carry that claim if all that happened was someone complaining that she was ‘writing about the Jews again.’ Her critique of what should be a independent press is troubling, to say the least, but I don’t see a legal claim. Of course, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t achieve some kind of settlement from the company.”


Indeed, the resignation letter, while functioning as a bashing narrative against the alleged current standards and practices at the New York Times, suggests Weiss largely quit because of differences with corporate strategy and values, real or perceived. That is not grounds for a lawsuit.

Bari Weiss Claimed She Was Unlawfully Discriminated Against at The New York Times. Does She Have a Case? – Aaron Keller

Who gets to be in the Protected Class category shifts, twists and turns over time.

There should be no Protected Classes.

Only equality before the law, as God commands.

Too bad that most Christians detest this idea, with the usual “Equality before all… except in my special, unique case” nonsense.

And if they won’t stand up for God and His Law… no one will.

And so, the wrath of God continues to flow, and His curses grow to cover the land.

Hat tip: Bari Weiss Knows What ID Scientists Already Knew

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