The Intellectual Canaries in the Coal Mine

What ID Scientists Knew

“Orthodoxy,” a “predetermined narrative,” smears, lies, vicious application of false labels, “bullying,” “online venom,” “fear of the digital thunderdome,” an increasingly narrow field of what constitutes acceptable thought, “Speak your mind at your own peril,” the “best ideas…need a hearing.” What she describes, piercingly, is exactly the experience that scientists like Richard Sternberg, Günter Bechly, Douglas Axe, Eric Hedin, Granville Sewell, Scott Minnich have had in academia.

Read some of them on the Free Science website. Writing about Dr. Sternberg’s treatment by the Smithsonian was my own introduction to how corrupted our finest institutions had become by thought control. Already in 2004, Sternberg could have echoed Bari Weiss’s words: “Unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge. I’m no legal expert. But I know that this is wrong.” Read his story here. Oh boy, do I hope she sues.

We Were the Canaries

As neuroscientist Michael Egnor wrote here recently, ID proponents were the canaries in the coalmine of free speech. Before suffocating political correctness became a topic of general discussion, in so far as the present climate allows for anything to be discussed openly, scientists willing to consider the evidence for design in biology had come to know the lengths to which upholders of the “predetermined narrative” would go to punish dissent.

The truth of what Bari Weiss writes can be taken as granted — if her account weren’t accurate, she wouldn’t have quit a plum job like that. Something is seriously wrong with our culture, and thank you to her for recognizing that and not simply going along with it like so many others do.

Bari Weiss Knows What ID Scientists Already Knew by David Klinghoffer

Oddly enough, I don’t worry about the ID people: they have been through the fire, refused to bend the knee, and are on the path to victory and success. And for these reasons, I can strongly back the idea of supporting the Discovery Institute, if you are financially able to.

That being said, I wonder about the average American professional. Our Betters want you, especially, to bend the knee.

Not so much the plumber or the HVAC professional, no matter how much money they make. This is a class/priesthood/guild conflict, driven by a small upper-class leadership looking to cut out competitors, by and large.

An interesting sign: Most of the fighting is in academia and media. Two areas — one of them a dying industry, the other increasingly under pressure — which are facing serious financial difficulties, and major job crunches.


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