Badges and Guns

Conservatives are amazed and astounded that Billy Bob and Jenny Sue turn out to be liberals after 16 years of indoctrination in public schools. “How could this have happened? I just don’t understand it. If only we could have done something.” Well, they could have done something. But they would have had to pay for their kids’ education. They sure were not going to do that.

Badges and guns, pledges of allegiance, compulsory education, tax-funded indoctrination: that’s what conservatives love.

I prefer the coronavirus.

Suicidal Conservatives: “Open the Public Schools!” by Gary North

Conservatives are irrelevant, and liberals rule….

…until the money to fund the welfare state is gone.

Then, both Liberals and their “wait ten years” Conservative echo choir will be utterly irrelevant.

Of course, I fully expect a great outcry, along the lines of:

“Give us our leeks and onions!”, the slaves cried to Pharaoh.

But once the bust begins, there is no escape.

Rebuilding a productive, innovative society that builds families, build social connection, honours hard work, build savings, respects frugality, and has no need to longingly look to The Rulers to be told what to do – but can actually think for themselves… won’t be easy at all.

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