Truth and Ideology

If facts are the domain of science, they should supersede other values. Would you rather have an oncologist who really understands the facts of cancer treatment work on you, even though he had racist tendencies, or a doctor who didn’t understand the subject, even though she scored high on “diversity and inclusion”? If those were your only choices, what would matter more if your life is at stake? Big Science needs to keep its core principles and values at the top and not be pulled this way and that by political advocates and cultural pressure groups. A vaccine for COVID-19 that works will not be a “racist” thing.

Political Science Swallows Empiricism by David F. Coppedge

Go with the racist who knows his field.

Sure, he has an evil heart, so some caution is advised: but if we were to flee from everyone with a black heart, we would be stuck in a powerless ghetto – or become an impoverished hermit – really fast.

Moreover: even most racists speak money rather well, and are willing to do a good job and save a life — even the life of a Race Traitor or Genetic Inferior — in return for payment-in-full.

Now, if these people got their hand on political power, you’re going to have a problem. But that’s not the issue in question.

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