“Not my body, not my choice.”

in the article Hijab: Not my Body, Not my Choice, Eeman Abbasi discusses her use of the hijab as a demonstration of her obedience to her deity:

To be Muslim is to submit one’s personal choices and fleeting desires to the choices God has made for us and to align our will with His. Increasingly we see how Islam, which promises liberation from all but God, has been co-opted in the liberal system to liberation from all including God and His commandments.

Let’s see how long it takes, for Christian men – especially us serious, committed hard-core theonomic believers – to submit us body, our temple, to the commands of the owner of that temple, the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God.

Can our level of obedience even reach up to the level of an observant Islamic woman?

Let’s find out.

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