After the Wipe-Out

The Coming Wipe-Out

Gary North reminds us of the coming Republican wipe-out this November.

Expect ten years of rebuilding after this business, with the future, remade Republican party coming into power just after the debt levels start make “hard choices” between social security, medicare/medicaid, and the military budgets unavoidable.

(I expect higher overall inflation by that time, too.)

Rising in the Ruins

Also, the demographic bust will be in full swing.

This is going to cripple the economy for decades: a typical consequence of rebellion against God.

This is something that the federal government can’t do much about, given the various Supreme Court ruling on contraceptives, abortions, divorce law, and homosexuality.

The church — the Body of Christ, not the broken’n’busted denominations — will have to do their evangelical work first, before the culture changes, which is necessary before the political support for sharply cutting back the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court exists.

It’s going to take time, building up the Church without the powerless-but-comforting Temples.

First of all, there needs to be the will and desire to win. Then a plan – or several plans – need to be put in place.

All of this takes time and patience determination and perseverance. And faith in the victory of God, the power of His Laws and Commandments.

While doing this – rebuilding families and communities – some time might be spared for some local politicking. Maybe.

First the Spirit, then the Flesh.

The End of Lawless Courts

This will have to be done in the teeth of the lawyers and the legal guild, who – with the major corporations and the banks – are the real rulers of the United States.

Still, you might as well strike when the whole worthless bag can — and should — be held responsible for the bankruptcy of the United States.

Even the all-mighty, above-the-law Soviet Communist Party had to buckle, when the money ran out.

Things become a lot easier, when American Christians insist on the public recognition of the Law of God, above the Law of Powerful & Connected Men.

That will not happen, so long as Christians hate the Law as much as – or more than – the average pagan.

This must change.

First the Spirit.

Then the Flesh.

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