“For the Approval of Men”

In a post yesterday I described developing a science and religion course at Luther College, where I teach. One thing that initially surprised me was the degree to which well-known religion scholars were willing to fully capitulate to Darwinian evolution and attempt to find ways to fit their religious reflections around it. Now that I understand the ideological nature of this grand narrative of Darwinian triumph and the force of its perpetuation in academic culture, I am no longer so surprised. These scholars must capitulate to Darwinism in order to be taken seriously within the academy where dissent from Darwinism brands one as an anti-scientific religious zealot not to be taken seriously. Yet in their rush to capitulate, these scholars end up subverting religion, the very topic of their academic work. Have these scholars been deceived by Darwin?

Have Religion Scholars Been Deceived by Darwin? by Robert F. Shedinger

I am quite confident that those esteemed scholars at Luther College — and, frankly, all Christian educational institutions, with the token exception here and there — weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of standing with the Bible as written.

Then, they weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of standing with those who despise/dismiss the Bible.

And — understanding how Christians are loathed in academia, and worried about their career prospects – made the best choice for themselves, career-wise.

“Good thing we all uphold the Two Kingdom concept, and know that God will never, ever act, or ever enforce His Law-word, in the real world!”

I still believe in Jesus in my heart….”

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