Great Failure, Great Repentance, Great Revival

From The Greatness of the Great Commission by Kenneth L. Gentry.
The quote below is from the Publisher’s Forward of the book, written by Gary North

—<Quote begins>—

It is my hope that this book will serve the Church well in a time of historically unprecedented revival. Such a revival, if it comes in our day, will be international. I hope that it will also be comprehensive. Without a theological case for the comprehensive nature of redemption, there can be no comprehensive revival. This book provides the biblical evidence for the comprehensive nature of the Great Commission.

If Gentry is correct in his analysis of the meaning of the Great Commission, then every church, every seminary, and every parachurch ministry needs to re-examine what it is doing and why. Such re-examination will be painful, but not nearly so painful as the looming judgments of God in history – another doctrine that the modern Church has conveniently forgotten.[1]

There will be great resistance to his thesis within the modern Christian world. It is difficult to sell responsibility, and there is now so much to do. Our task today has grown so great because so much undone work has accumulated for so long. Christians have neglected their comprehensive assignment from God. We have lost at least three centuries, most of the churches, and every university. We can and must win back these institutions, plus many more that Christianity never controlled. We have been commissioned to do it. We must get to work.

[1] Gary North, Millennialism and Social Theory (Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990), ch. 8.

—<Quote begins>—

I like this forward for many reasons. Especially the admission that Christians have been slacking off for three centuries (!!), and that Christianity has lost most of the churches and denominations.

If you are going to win, you need to understand where you are, and why you are there.

North hopes for a great revival, a revival that will create lasting change, instead of some fluff-ball temporary emotional high.

I would be happy to see such a revival. My suspicion, however, is that there is going to be

  • a slow aging of the human population over the coming century (rapid in North America, East Asia, and Australia & New Zealand), and
  • a rapid aging of the human population across the world, with pockets of rebirth here and there during the 2100s (including the Middle East and even Black Africa)

Victory… The Hard Way

The ongoing die-off (via aging and sterility) will continue for a while — 20 years, maybe? — due to:

  • A strongly pro-sterlity culture, via abortion/widespread porn/contraceptives/anti-family state policies/corrupt economic systems/cheap-n-disposable sexbots,
  • ever greater transfers of wealth & influence from the middle-class to the rich (97%, done quietly) and the poor (3%, done with a vast media circus) , via inflation, debt, financial games, and wealth redistribution
  • ever fewer opportunities for the young to succeed (and have families), and ever more protection for the old and the powerful.

This die-off will slow down, as the Beast – the welfare state – grows bankrupt, and falls apart.

(Fewer taxpayers, continual tech progress, and shattered cultures leads to weaker State power. It also leads to less social unity, which also undermines the power of the State.
Who would have guessed?)

But the evil habits and assumptions of the Old Order will endure for a while, mainly because most Christians will still hate the Law of God, and still pine for Pharaoh, and long for his leeks and onions.

And since this is true, most of these Christians will die in the desert, impoverished and powerless failures, dreaming of a dead past.

As usual.

But after the dust settles, around AD 2200 or so, the people who will still exist will be

  • the Christian believers who bore children,
  • who raised them in the fear of the Lord,
  • who taught their children to uphold the Law, in their own lives and for their nation,
  • who equipped them with the tools needed to survive and proper in a decentralized, turbulent economic & cultural environment,
  • who placed their faith in God, not the State,
  • who had a lively hope for Christian victory in the near and future, despite obstacles,
  • who avoided the dead ritualism and sterile, powerless, studiously irrelevant beliefs and theologies of the churches and denominations,
  • who found ways to hook up with each other and support each other, building not just Christian churches, but Christian communities.

Islam, the Non-Competitor

It is possible that there may be surviving Islamic communities of a respectable size, even in AD 2200. but I doubt if there will be many.

  1. First, Islam is far too close to Secularism in it’s root philosophies, with it’s Unknowable Deity, its focus on political power, the basically arbitrary nature of its legal system, and its inability to deal with defeat.
  2. Second, you are going to need a lot of self-control to survive the storm… and Islam loves social control measures, not the disciplined individual. These social controls are going to fail as tech surges forward, and as Western media overwhelms the Arab media.

    (Also, Islam denies the ability of men to control their sexual impulses, and the men place all responsibility for sexual governance on the women, touching none of it themselves.)
  3. Finally, Islam — like entirely too many conservative Christians — is focused on returning to some long-dead past glory age. Islam has no real interest in the future, besides dominating the West. Something it would be far too weak to do… if it wasn’t for the fast-n-flashy suicide of Western Europe.

    (And the less flashy, but even more crushing suicide of Eastern Europe.)

End State

Believing Christians will control the churches, the universities, and the media complexes…

…because they are the only ones left alive, after the Great Aging Die-off.

Admittedly, it helps that Believing Christians — unlike the Secularists and the Muslims — actually believe in objective reality, the rules of logic, and in a universe governed by predictable law, a universe governed by a noble, wise, and righteous King who wants humans to understand and master this universe.

By a King who loves humanity, and wants to see more people live to glorify Him, to exercise dominion over this world.

(This is in contrast to our current Masters, who despises humanity and hates the future, defrauding, disinheriting and crippling it whenever possible… when it isn’t outright killing it via abortions.)

A Great Revival that crosses the whole world and brings about a permanent change in the way people think and act — a change that privately and publicly honours Christ and His Commandments — would be great, boosting the number of human survivors of the Great Die-off in the year 2200.

But such a blessing is in the hands of God. And such a revival requires great prayer and fasting, to rise up to the Throne of Christ.

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