Who Does What to Whom

From Steve Sailer of Unz Review:

—<Quote begins>—

Large numbers of people arrested for violent actions at Portland riots are trans. A few years ago Oregon added free gender reassignment surgery to people on the welfare Oregon Health Plan. There was a huge influx of people eager to take advantage of it. Identity seekers. https://t.co/FDO74guapp

— mrixmi (@9000elephants) July 23, 2020

In comparison to its in-depth coverage of micro personalities of the Alt-Right, the mainstream media have reported very, very little on AntiFa, so we’re still guessing about: who are these rioters? What are they like? Where do they come from?

More than a few seem to be casualties of our culture’s TransMania.

—<Quote ends>—

An excellent insight from Sailer!


  • Who does the interviews?
  • Who decides the agenda?
  • Who decides the questions?
  • Who must answer the questions?

From the Marxist perspective, it’s all about who has the power, and who is subject to the power. Who? Whom?

Certain people get the in-depth investigations.

Other people get mysteriously untouched.

This is another one of those heated debates in which only one side is worthy of coverage (hello Bill Keller, again).

New podcast: New York Times lets Planned Parenthood spin bad news about Margaret Sanger? by GetReligion

I believe that Christians have been subject to these nihilistic power-worshipers long enough.

But to be free, you must want to break the chains.

And after all these decades, it isn’t going to be easy.

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