Our Ignorant College Graduates

What our universities produce.

Christians can do better than the secular universities. Much better.

Not by producing more fourth-rate Christian institutions.

(Note that all the first-rate Christian educational institutions were captured by God’s enemies, long ago. A truly deep hatred of God’s law didn’t start with pagans, after all…

Also see:

The heart of hell isn’t out there. It’s in here.

That’s why we need to work together, correct each other, and always place Gd’s perspective above our own.)

Christian families can do better than the incompetent secularists by encouraging our children to desire more knowledge, more mastery of their world – more dominion – and to use this dominion for the Glory of God, and the benefit of the world – His people first, then for mankind in general, and finally for the environment.

The Ron Paul Curriculum – see above – does this well, encouraging children to be self-motivated, ethically-guided learners. And then self-motivated, ethical doers.

This is just an example of all the great material out there.

It takes time to discover them all, which is one reason why the Ron Paul Curriculum is so useful!

But a Christian who takes the time to learn what’s out there can do very well in the world of knowledge… so long as he also learns how to make money – as a valuable employee, or as an independent businessman – and stand on his own feet, as a servant of God able to make his own way in a hostile — but increasingly aging, senile, and impotent — pagan world.

As a man working to build a new, better world.

A world with Christ as its head.

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