What Democrats Would Really Hate

I see a lot of fake conservatives babbling about what “Democrats hate the most,” and about the “Democrat welfare plantation.” Let me just chime in on that with some numbers.

The total donations to churches in the US are estimated by different agencies to between $400 and 700 billion a year.

The total federal welfare for 2020 was planned to be about $500 billion. Of that, white Americans claim the lion’s share. Less than $100 billion goes to black Americans. That’s what the “Democrat welfare plantation” looks like.

Based on the above numbers, churches in the US can reduce their expenditures by 14 to 25%, and match that federal $100 billion, but through meaningful programs ranging from direct help to scholarships to black students and support for black-owned businesses that will help heal the gap left from previous generations of systemic racial injustice.

Now, THAT is what Democrats will really hate. It will take away their main means of control.

The problem us, that’s also what “conservatives” and church-goers will really hate. Otherwise, they would have done it by now.

Bojidar Marinov,on Facebook

Anytime American Christians – white and black – want to win, the door is right there.

Or even try this door: A Real-World Solution to Rotten Inner-City Schools. A way to testbed a solution to those hideous inner city schools, in three cities, for less than two million dollars.

And if it works, you could roll it out across the country.

The potential rewards are stupendous, for all Americans: black and white, Christian and unbeliever alike.

Or, we can just continue to follow solid Democratic policy…

…which, just like their welfare trap, was road-tested on blacks first, then rolled out to include poor whites later.

“It’s not about true or false, or right and wrong.

It’s about power and control, placed in Trustworthy Hands.”

Lesson: If you want to win, you have to accept the additional responsibility, that comes with additional wealth and power.

If you don’t, someone else will.

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