Control Freak Christianity

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You really should listen to the Control Freak Christianity podcast.

As I listened to the above episode introduction I thought to myself how important this message is. Christians have hundreds of podcasts delivering a faithful Gospel message and the world also has many podcasts that talk about abuse and trauma. To find a podcast that faithfully applies the Gospel to abuse, trauma, and authoritarianism is to find something special. Control Freak Christianity does not minimize the hurt and damage authoritarian fundamentalism can cause, but it also seeks to point victims and abusers alike to Christ. There is real pain, suffering, and trauma, but there’s also hope.

Joe and Rachel Tenney started Control Freak Christianity this last February and are 25 episodes in. Topics have ranged from heartbreaking interviews covering sexual and ecclesiastical abuse, Gospel culture versus Gospel theology, the authority of parents, racial abuse, the Holy Trinity, and much more. Also, as rookie podcasters (such as myself), their audio quality is only getting better and better.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes with their descriptions. 

  • Is God Like an Egg? – God’s nature has often been described in goofy ways, yet the doctrine of the Trinity has some beautiful truths. These truths help us dismantle views of God that cause suffering, confusion, and sometimes even abuse. Joe and Rachel start to scratch the surface on this doctrine, and how it’s led them to more joy and trust in God. 
  • Authoritarian Fundamentalism – A toxic culture in Christianity and where it came from.
  • Ten Ways Courtship Can Go Wrong – Courtship is a common method in Authoritarian Fundamentalism to replace dating. Rachel and Joe discuss their own experiences and go through ten ways they’ve seen courtships go wrong.

—<Quote ends>—

And there’s more where that came from!

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