John Lewis, Herman Cain, and Black America

Quora: Why has there been such an overwhelming outpouring of grief and condolences from the black community after the passing of Congressman John Lewis, but not one time presidential candidate, Herman Cain?

Thomas Crowne · Liberal atheist cinephile with zero chill for racism or B.S.

There have been a lot of carefully crafted, respectable comments; but the real answer to the question, the one that nobody wants to say out loud, is an easy one, so I’ll say it. The majority of the black community doesn’t f**k with sell outs. Period.

And before someone says something stupid in the comments about how I don’t “speak for all black people,” you are 100% correct. Based on the following numbers, I speak for 96% of all black people. When Herman Cain ran for President in 2011; only 4%(!) of African American voters said that he represented their interests and that they would consider voting for him. For context, Trump, who is a racist, got 9% of black votes in 2016. A white racist was more acceptable to blacks than a black man. That’s how negatively blacks respond to blacks selling out.

He stood up for and next to Trump. Black people aren’t falling all over themselves in grief for a black man who vouches for a racist that wouldn’t have rented an apartment to Hermain Cain, or anyone who looked like Herman Cain.

Hermain Cain was a member of the Tea Party. The same group that contributed to Birtherism, and hurled all manner of racist rhetoric at not only Obama, but his wife, Michelle. He defended them as they did so.

Herman Cain said poor blacks are poor because they want to be.

Herman Cain said that racism in the 21st century, if it did still exist, was only marginally relevant.

Herman Cain was an assistant church pastor, but this “man of God” said if elected president he would build an electrified fence on the border of Mexico that would kill anyone who tried to cross it. That must be a teaching from the New New Testament.

And let this serve as a warning to those who want to fall in step with Trump and follow his example:

“Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!” What were they fed up about, being alive?

If I had a million f**ks to give, I wouldn’t give a single f**k if every black person in this picture caught Covid-19, because they deserve to. Herman Cain fell in line with Trump’s anti-science stance on COVID-19, and what happened? He’s dead. His death is not an example of karma. It’s an example of basic cause and effect; he followed the cue of an idiot and died because of it.

The difference between John Lewis and Herman Cain as men explains the difference in the response to their deaths in the black community. John Lewis spent his personal and political life championing blacks in America, Herman Cain spent his personal and political life trying to be liked and accepted by white America.

I have no doubt that his death, and the very preventable circumstances that led to it, have hurt his loved ones deeply. But Herman Cain didn’t care about us, and that’s why we have little to nothing to say about his death, and the words that are being spoken are of the “that’s what he gets” variety.

ADDENDUM: I purposefully didn’t use the “D” or “R” words; so if you’ve got an issue with my answer, don’t use either word in your rebuttal, because neither is relevant to my answer.

And there you go. People tend to side with their friends, and away from their enemies.

There is a possibility that their friends are deceptive, true. But the masses can make up their own mind on the matter… and, often, an untrustworthy friend is better than a clear enemy.

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