Coronavirus Consequences

Long-Term Trouble

Just a note: even after recovery, there will be enduring systems — 2, 3, or even more consequences — two months after recovery.

I had been focusing on deaths, which frankly isn’t all that high, compared to other killers (cancer, accidents, etc). It is worth nothing enduring wounds, though.

Especially if these symptoms last over a year. Unlikely, perhaps, but certainly worth keeping an eye on.


I am very confident that the economic damage will – perhaps has – killed more people than the disease. Note: Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn’t Have Enough to Eat Last Week – Bloomberg

From Mises: When It Comes to Masks, There Is No “Settled Science” This fact hasn’t stopped governments from demanding them, though. At least, they insist that the “Wrong Sort”, the common peasant, wear them.

Again from Mises: The COVID Panic Is a Lesson in Using Statistics to Get Your Way in Politics Progressives and other statists need mass stats to justify mass controls. And by the time the numbers are carefully scrutinized, some other Terrifying Crisis would have been generated.

This will not end, until the State is bankrupt. Just as it ended for the Soviet Union.

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