Dealing With The Homeless

From Bojidar Marinov

“But wouldn’t that actually double the amount of homeless?”

But — ignoring the grammatical fail for a moment — the attitude on displace is exactly the problem. The ‘Homeless” is seen as just some mass abstract bunch of people who are just some kind of problem for the bureaucrats to deal with.

Now, there are some ways the State can help with the problem, from freeing up the restrictions they face, to ‘set-asides’ similar to the Biblical gleaning laws.

The real step is to deal with them face to face, as humans with specific strengths and specific problems. That takes people acting as people, not as bureaucrats filling in forms.

There will come a time, not so far away, when the Welfare State will fail. It is necessary that the church — Christian as Christians, not necessarily affiliated to some temple-bound mystery cult — work to build up the people God has His eyes on. “Has not Christ commanded it?”

Wouldn’t be good if Christians actually did what God told us to do?

I have discussed the dispossessed before. We will have to do better than cut them in half, as God strongly identifies with them as “His kind of people”. And it is Christians as a people who are to heal and bless the world: the State is the Sword, and you can’t heal anyone with swords and knives (and taxation policy).

Regardless of the semi-worshipful “Thank the NHS” attitude that is officially promoted today. Best not to place your faith in idols with rotting feet…

…but will Christians in Britain – however few their number – get ready now, to help the homeless now (and gear up for the coming flood , when the checks stop coming?)

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