The Rich and Powerful, Looking the Other Way

From GetReligion, regarding burning Bibles in Portland:

Let’s say that it’s a cold summer night and you need to start a fire during your #AltRight demonstration that includes quite a bit of violent behavior.

There are, of course, television cameras present.

How many Qurans would you need to burn — just as “kindling” — to create a news story worthy of coverage by what used to be called the mainstream press? You are, of course, going to burn an American flag, as well, since it is a symbol of the liberal state that is your enemy. You are flying your own banners — such as a Rebel battle flag from the War Between the States.

Do you need to burn one Quran to create headlines around the world? How about two? You are, of course, not showing hostility to Islam. You just need some kindling to start a fire. It also helps to open the cover up so that the camera catches the title page of the holy book.


Were the Russians tipped off about the random Bible burning? Where were the CNN cameras? Fox News pros weren’t there to join the conspiracy?

Let me be clear: I have no doubt that advocacy media on the right jumped on this story. That is what they do in this new era of biased news on both sides of America’s cultural divide. I have no doubt that Russian operatives seek to cause division. I sincerely doubt that Russia is the only nation in which these kinds of operations are carried out.

But what if this had been an #Alt-Right protest and some demonstrators had burned a Quran and an American flag? Would that have been a story worthy of elite-media coverage? Would police or counter-demonstrators have been allowed to jump in to stop this horrible act?

Well, does anyone out there remember Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida? He was the obscure leader of a tiny nondenominational church with zero clout or connections.

Then he burned a Quran, in part to protest the imprisonment of a Christian pastor in Iran.

It was a big news story. Everywhere. For several years. Police got involved. It was the worst thing ever. Needless to say, the world’s most powerful newsrooms didn’t say that his protests needed to be seen in context, the burning book was just “kindling,” etc. The rich and the powerful didn’t look the other way.

Portland Bible (or Bibles) was just ‘kindling’ for fire, saith The New York Times (#SoThere) by Terry Mattingly

Interestingly, I suspect that even if a Quran was burnt, there’s a good chance that The Right People wouldn’t care.

After all, they didn’t care when the statues of Jewish leaders were vandalized in Los Angeles.

[Two months later, I’m still astounded that the Jews no longer make the cut of a Protected Class. Like, woah.

This blog mentioned it here and here, just for the record.]

And really, “not showing hostility to Christianity”? That reminds me of that artwork of long ago, throwing feces on a statue of the Virgin Mary… not as a show of anti-Catholic malice, you see, but strictly in the name of art.

God, what passive-aggressive cowards these Progressives are.

(And watch as Christians cringe and cower before them!)

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