The Dread of the Future

Preparing for contingencies is one thing, preparing for all out disaster is a totally different thing. That I do not believe in. I said a lot of literature, it comes through the mails to me. Something that came last month had a title “When will Russia Attack the US.” And of course it said that Soviet military strength is due to peak in 1982 and the US is expected to be at its weakest point in 1982. Creating the ideal time for the Russians to press their huge advantage.

Well, first of all I’m very dubious about that huge event. There were times in the past when I was ready to believe that but I have increasingly been skeptical about that. I don’t believe that the Soviet Union has a huge military advantage over us. I know that there is currently circulating across the country a book translated from the Russian which is a military report to the Pollitt Bill on the military strength of the Soviet Union.

Now of course it gives a very impressive picture of Soviet military might, but the Soviet Union is much given to propaganda. If they’ve ever told the truth, I don’t know it. Certainly it is to their advantage to give such an impressive report. Their own people are discouraged and disheartened. They know that we pick up material like that very readily, why not sell us a bill of goods? Are we outnumbered, are we out gunned, outmanned. Out equipped? Well, first of all the Soviet military division is much smaller than an American one. So numerically, the seeming advantage is not there. But then, there’s another question, the technology.

How can they be good in military technology no matter how much they stress it, when everything they do is a fizzle?

R. J. Rushdoony’s The Easy Chair, Episode #9. Originally aired January 4, 1982.

Scare tactics scare people; keeps them paralyzed and dependent on authority; and insures further book sales and big audiences at those terrifying “insider conferences.”

Scare tactics did not end with the fall of the Soviet Union.

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