The Ugly Border Patrol

If I may remind you all, all these fake conservatives who are so up in arms about the alleged pedophile ring conspiracy were silent when thousands of migrant children in Trump’s concentration camps on the border were reporting sexual abuse by Border Patrol agents.#ConservativeHypocrisy

Bojidar Marinov on Facebook, August 11, 2020

So, I took a quick look into it, and after seeing at quite a number of news stories, got this:

According to Andrea R. Flores, the deputy director of immigration policy at the American Civil Liberties Union, the Border Patrol’s 20,000 agents have “a long and troubling history of acting with impunity” in its expansive jurisdiction, which extends 100 miles from any land or sea border. They often work in remote areas, alone and without body cameras, tracking drug smugglers and dealing with an incredibly vulnerable group of people that the agency still refers to as “aliens.” 

While there are abuses at all levels of law enforcement, an internal investigation at DHS found in 2015 that “arrests for corruption of CBP personnel far exceed, on a per capita basis, such arrests at other federal law enforcement agencies.” 

Border Patrol agents have been arrested for corruptionaggravated assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex crimes against children, among a long list of offenses included in a 2018 CBP discipline analysis report. In one extreme case from 2014, a Border Patrol agent kidnapped and raped two Honduran girls and their mother.

The Border Patrol Is the Last Thing We Need in American Cities Right Now: Undertrained, unaccountable, and emboldened: a powder keg waiting to explode. by Fernanda Echavrri

This is quite evil: but foreigners can’t vote (so politicians don’t care), many Americans are fearful of the Stranger Within the Border (and these Americans do vote!), and a lot of these foreigners are poor, without documentation or representation.

I don’t know when this powder keg will explode, or how. I’m guessing when the Border Patrol start using their bad habits on (non-white, probably Hispanic) American citizens in a tense situation.

Conservatives would have a lot more pull when they point out – and work to stamp out – corruption in their own ranks and their own Protected Classes (uniformed men, mainly), and not just when the other guy does it.

That would be a good day, meeting the approval of God.

“With obedience and repentance comes blessings…”

And if that day never comes?

“…and with disobedience – especially committed disobedience – comes curses.”

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