Super Chill and Relaxing Bible Study

Nice kid. I liked her video!

(And I love her entrepreneurial spirit!)

Our Mission: to persuade the majority of Christians not to fear the future, but to welcome it, understanding that evil and unjust cruelty will shrink over time (usually), while godliness, justice, and compassion will grow and grow (usually).

I am not very chill or relaxing by nature: but I know there are times when I should shut up, and let other, more easygoing believers do the talking.

The long-term goal?

A world where peaceable and kind believers — of all races, and all nationalities, all ages, and both genders — can go about their business without worry or fear of any enemy of Christ.

While the more combative & aggressive believers find fewer and fewer snakes that need stomping on. Or — if we can’t lawfully crush them ourselves — to call upon God, and ask Him to grind the wicked underneath His heel.

For God loves to answer the prayers of His people, when they walk on His holy road, and ask for what is good and right.

(Preferably from the pulpit, as well as in private worship.)

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