It’s the Only Way

The only real training cops need is the death penalty and confiscation of personal funds for restitution. If we apply those consistently, by the first dozen of cops all 1 million cops in the US will learn quickly.

Bojidar Marinov, on Facebook

Biblical justice and restitution is the way forward.

Biblical justice and restitution, provided for the poor in the name of Christ, will certainly pave the way to the extension of Biblical justice in all areas that can be lawfully judged by the magistrate… and a strong push for the extension of the Kingdom in the parts of life outside of the scope of the civil magistrate.

The state is not a healer or a saviour. It is only expected to punish criminals – largely, the crimes of theft, fraud, and murder. This is far from the be-all and end-all of the Kingdom of God… but it is a place to start.

Christians are expected to be the first to pave the way for the Rule of Christ.

In the heart, in the family, in the workplace, in the neighbourhood… but also, when God (and the public!) deems us ready, in the courts as well.

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