Why I Despise the COVID Leadership – Now, With Extra Anger

This is a followup on an earlier post on the loathsome COVID leadership.

A scientific advisor to the UK government says the coronavirus lockdown was a “panic measure” and a “monumental mistake on a global scale.”

Infectious diseases expert and University of Edinburgh professor Mark Woolhouse acknowledged that the decision to lockdown in March was a “crude measure” that was enacted because “we couldn’t think of anything better to do.”

“Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease,” said Woolhouse, who is now calling on the government to unlock society before more damage is done.

“I never want to see national lockdown again,” he added. “It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now. It was never going to change anything fundamentally.”

The professor asserts that the impact of the response to coronavirus will be worse than the virus itself.

UK Government Scientist Admits Lockdown Was a “Monumental Mistake on a Global Scale”
by Paul Joseph Watson

If our Scientific Elite had done nothing more than

  • Warn the world of a dangerous flu, with double the usual fatality rate, and
  • Told everyone over 75 to stay home this winter

they would have done right by people. And by the God who made them.

If our Scientific Elite had done nothing, period, it would have been a bad flu season: about as bad as 1957. Not the best response, some unnecessary harm would have been done, and the scientists really should aim for a better response.

Instead, they smashed up our liberties, and the economy (especially for the weakest and the poorest), over a bad flu season.

If there were some justice from the courts of men, there would be restitution. But the experts are going to be sheltered by the State and the Media, and there will be no justice from the courts.

True: the debt load and the crippled economy will help work to bring down the centralized state. And the USA is gaining more accidental (really, providential) benefits, with the discrediting of the public school system and the emptying/bankruptcy of some liberal cities: so Americans actually come out ahead from this disaster, all in all.

But, when it comes to the competence and concern of Our Leaders, elected and bureaucratic, medical and political? How cruel and worthless and ignorant and oppressive can you get?

All this pain and poverty and disaster and disruption… over a bad flu season.

Richard Sullivan, professor of cancer at King’s College London, previously warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths over the next 5 years than the number of people who die from coronavirus in the UK due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus lockdown, which is preventing cancer victims from getting treatment.

Figures also show that there were more excess deaths during the 2017-18 flu season (around 50,000) than the total number of people in the UK who have died from coronavirus (41,433).

However, a survey conducted last month found that Brits thought around 7 per cent of the population, 5 million people, had been killed by COVID-19.

UK Government Scientist Admits Lockdown Was a “Monumental Mistake on a Global Scale”
by Paul Joseph Watson

I wonder: exactly why is the British public so ignorant, when it comes to the actual death toll in their nation?

Holy God Above, the enemy of truth is, by definition, Your enemy.
Be sure to treat them as Your enemy.

In Jesus’ Name I ask, Amen.

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