“Critical Race Theory” as an Obedience Scam

I respect brave men willing to risk their jobs for the truth. Christians, especially, should go out of their way to back such people, regardless of their political position.

Regarding the video: I strongly oppose the “Silence is compliance” browbeating. Making people say what they do not support or believe is an act of tyranny and oppression.

As for the rest? All the evidence must be considered, not just ideologically useful data points… which should themselves be subject to challenge. If you believe that the comprehensive segregation of the 20th century created major disparities which resonate today – as I do – then there should be evidence of it. And this evidence must be subject to reasoned challenge.

(Assuming you are seeing truth and justice. As opposed to simply a power-n-control grab.)

Politics cloaked in science should be as subject to public scrutiny and debate as politics cloaked in religion.

Further info:

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