Destructive Lockdowns

Oxford University Professor Sunetra Gupta has been an outspoken voice for calm, science, and rationality in dealing with this virus. In the interview below, she explains the basics of immunology, the high costs of mandated closures and restrictions, and maps out a more humane path. Born in Calcutta, she studied biology at Princeton University and completed her PhD at Imperial College London, writing her dissertation on the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. She is widely published on the topic, and has been an outspoken critic of the bad modelling that inspired the worldwide lockdowns.

Below is a transcript of the following interview….

You can continue reading the transcript at Lockdowns are Cruel and Regressive, says Oxford University’s Professor Sunetra Gupta


You can read stories of the impact of lockdowns on university students at The Mass Illusion: Tales from America’s COVID college campuses

(Referred to by the Ron Paul Institute and Zero Hedge)

America’s college students are returning to campus for the Fall semester, and many are finding themselves in an environment that no longer resembles an academic institution, but something closer to a correctional facility for young adults. It’s not just a handful of schools that are pursuing extreme restrictions and punitive measures in the name of “stopping the spread” of the coronavirus, but something that has become a nationwide norm. College campuses have transformed into some of the most restrictive environments in America.

Tales from America’s COVID college campuses by Jordan Schachtel

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