Corporate Zombies, Roman Slavery, and Evil Empires

Corporate Zombies and Coronavirus Oppression;
All to Protect the Comfortable, Powerful, and Aging Leadership

Soft-fascist, State control over the economy is killing the economy… especially for the young and the poor, who get what the government financiers, major stockholders, and the largest corporations permit to dribble down to keep the masses quiet.

(Any resemblance to the economic impact of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdowns is strictly coincidental!)

Quote from The True Costs of Zombie Companies and Easy Money, by Ali Mecklai

—<Quote begins>—

Keeping inefficient zombie corporations may boost short-term employment by avoiding the general turnover of firm market share; however, in the long term they massively drain resources and block future employers out of the marketplace. The BIS writes:

Specifically, the estimation results suggest that a 1 percentage point increase in the narrow zombie share in a sector lowers the capital expenditure (capex) rate of non-zombie firms by around 1 percentage point, a 17% reduction relative to the mean investment rate. Similarly, employment growth is 0.26 percentage points lower, an 8% reduction. However, under both definitions we find that non-zombie companies invest more and have higher employment growth.

Following the 2008 crisis a radical experiment of depressed and even negative interest rates was employed by the Fed, BOC (Bank of Canada), ECB (European Central Bank), and other central banks. Now, however, the resources that were previously available to fight recessions have been totally depleted combating the last recession. Fighting debt with debt is irresponsible and unfair to future generations—clearly fiscal and monetary restraint is needed.

The interplay between rising debt levels, negative real interest rates, and zombification should concern us all—especially in the context of global lockdowns. But it should not be capitalism which we blame for this crisis. Quite the contrary, in fact; we should blame central banking and its destructive economic capabilities.

—<Quote ends>—

The reason why zombification of the economies of the developed world continues apace, is because the soft-fascists secularists who rule us may despise tradition and the ways of the past, but definitely want to keep the money and the wealth they have gained in the past.

This is much the same reason why all those hideous, soul-destoying restrictions have been slapped on the young people of the universities, and indeed on all of society. It has nothing to do with the safety of the students, and everything with the safety of the professors (health-wise) and the institution (avoiding lawsuits).

I would strongly prefer the end of Progressive Fascism (financially, culturally, and in all other ways), and a return to the liberty and free markets of the Western Christian cultures.

But this time, without the racism of the Renaissance/Enlightenment philosophers and the Victorian Darwinists. And without the statism and power-worship of those eras, either!

Keep your Renaissance of Roman oppression, militarism, centralized state power,
and mass-slavery in your own head, and don’t inflict it on me or mine!

Evil Empires, Lawless Riots and the Hatred of History & Tradition

An excerpt from Rhetoric, Budgets, and the 2020 Election

—<Quote Begins>—

Then he [Thomas Sowell] said something profoundly misleading.

“I hope, of course, that will never happen, but there is such a thing as a point of no return. The Roman Empire overcame many problems in its long history, but eventually, it reached the point where it simply could no longer continue on. And much of that was from within, not just the barbarians attacking from outside.”

The collapse of the Roman Empire led to the development of Western civilization and the extension of Western liberty. The Roman Empire was a slave society. At least a third of the population of Italy was slave. The Roman latifundia were large plantations that had gigantic slave gangs. These disappeared with the collapse of the empire. Serfdom replaced slavery. This was a tremendous benefit for human liberty.

The city of Rome was a gigantic welfare state. It was run by leaders who used taxes to pay for food imported mainly from Egypt. It was distributed free of charge to the masses.

The leaders kept the masses under control by means of the gladiatorial so-called games. For 800 years, these murderous games kept the population submissive. With the coming of Christianity, the games ended. Even then, it took a century after the accession of Constantine to the throne. But finally the games, meeting murderous liturgies, were abolished.

The collapse of the Roman Empire was crucial for the extension of Western liberty. You would not know this from Sowell’s statement. The textbooks on Western civilization are profoundly statist. They view the coming of manorialism in the West as a decline. It was not a decline; it was an advance. It was based on decentralization. The division of labor declined, but so did slavery and the welfare state. Let’s hope it happens here. Soon.

—<Quote Ends>—

And, again, in regard to the Renaissance. This time from Public School History Curriculum: No Moses, Jesus, or Muhammed

—<Quote Begins>—

I know a man who was a successful public school teacher in the state of Oklahoma. He just retired. He is widely read. I sent him an email two days ago: “Did you teach Western civilization to high school students?” I got this reply:

I taught World History Survey. Originally it was a one-year course from the beginning of prehistory and early man up to the present. Later around 2004 it was changed to cover from the Renaissance and Reformation to the present. Forget about the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and that Jesus guy.

Although it was formally called “World History,” I always taught it from an Eurocentric perspective, disregarding the state-mandated curricular guidelines.

The fact that they would start with the Renaissance is indicative of the worldview. The Renaissance was a self-conscious attack on the Christian history in the West of the Middle Ages. That’s why they called it the Middle Ages. That’s why they called it the Dark Ages. These were pejorative terms. Even the term “Renaissance” is indicative. It was the rebirth of Greek and Roman culture. It was the resurrection of pagan culture. This involved the resurrection of classical occultism, but this story does not get into the textbooks. The great master of this story was the remarkable historian, Frances Yates. She and her disciples traced the history of this occult revival. Her main book was Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition (1964).

The educrats who run this country’s schools are systematic in their hatred of history. They do not want students educated in history, and especially not in the history of Western civilization. They want to cut off the present generation of students from any understanding of the heritage of liberty that came in the West, and only in the West.

We are seeing the results of this outlook in the riots. This outlook is not new. It was dominant among the public school establishment 100 years ago. But it has taken a century for them to persuade teachers and the general public that students can do without an understanding of Western history.

—<Quote Ends>—

Against Everything…
Except Their Own Will to Power

In the meantime, the people over at have their own viewpoint: still secular/pragmatist, but not nearly so committed in their hatred of Christ and of anything that happened before their adulthood and their own, personal rise to power.

Today our society is wracked by germinal totalitarians eager to destroy history. Ostensibly this is in the name of justice, but this destruction and historical desecration are little more than a tactic for securing power for themselves. America is supposedly infected on the genetic level with unforgivable sins of racism and oppression and those seeking to destroy history conveniently have the solution: hand over power to them to facilitate our collective reeducation and penance. By failing to recognize the important role that tradition serves by preserving historical consciousness we aid and abet the rise of the forces currently seeking the complete overthrow of our society and the complete annihilation of our traditional rights and liberties.

Again, tradition is not mere stasis. The wisdom and knowledge it hands down to us is not fixed for all times and all places. Like all of society, it adapts and changes over time. According to Ryn, “tradition has to come alive in the here and now through the creativity of individuals who recognize both humanity’s dependence on the best of the past and the needs and opportunities offered by changed circumstances.”

Our task going forward is to both revitalize the decaying and forgotten stock of reason that has been passed down to us, and to forge ahead into the future. Tradition is by no means a perfect tool, and understanding and adapting it is no easy task, but properly understood, it is the best tool we have to face and weather the constantly changing circumstances of life and to preserve our hard-won liberties.

Why the State Seeks to Abolish Both Tradition and History by Zachary Yost

This is, as I previously mentioned, a secular-pragmatist outlook:

“Whose traditions? Whose liberties?

  • That of Imperial Rome and her slave-holding aristocrats?
  • That of the Confederate South and her slave-holding aristocrats?
  • What about the Soviet Union and her slave-holding aristocrats?

Who decides which traditions need to be changed, and which should be kept?

Who decides which standard of justice should be upheld?”

For these reasons, I am profoundly uninterested in conservationism.

In contrast, I am deeply interested in the Laws of God, and in the bottom-up return of local Christian societies: for now, in families, churches, and the small towns and rural counties of the world.

The Love of Riots, Revolution…
and a Pile of Ruins

What Is Syndicalism?

So, what is syndicalism? Political syndicalism is direct violent revolutionary action against the institutions of capitalism, such as security forces, property, particularly business property, and the rule of law. This approach is often adopted by Marxists, socialists, and fascists as a means of gaining power. At the root of the chaos and upheaval on our streets is an attempt at disrupting society and taking more control of it by Marxists, socialists, and “anarchists.”

The fundamental error that syndicalism makes is to think that entrepreneurs and capitalists are “irresponsible autocrats” free to pursue their personal agenda. The reality is that business leaders must follow the interests of consumers in order to further their self-interest in making profits. They have to find correct prices, production levels, and correct means of production. These things are determined by entrepreneurs with various types of feedback from the marketplace.

The riots, looting, and violence against people and their property is mostly motivated to achieve Marxist ideals via syndicalist activity (i.e., violence). Those employing these means include Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and especially the “anarchist provocateurs” who adeptly turn peaceful protests into violent riots. Of course, there is also some violence on the right, some of which I witness on the campus of Auburn University. But in either case, with mayors, governors, and police chiefs restraining and even defunding the police, the violence often goes unchecked.

The Other Type of Syndicalism

This use of the word “syndicalism” should not be confused with the better-known syndicalism as a social system, which is an alternative to socialist central planning. This system in theory would give workers control over the industries in which they work. They would make the decisions on things entrepreneurs decide in the market, such as wage rates, benefits, hours, production, etc. The workers can do anything they want at the expense of others. But if everyone is raising their prices and reducing output, how can anyone gain from the arrangement? Both forms of syndicalism ultimately rest on the Marxist notions that entrepreneurs and capitalists exploit labor and have no real purpose worth rewarding. Obviously, each industry would want higher wages, higher prices, shorter working hours, and this would result in lower output. Raw material prices increase and get passed on to consumer goods industries, which must pass those increases on to the consumer along with their own increases. This happens across the entire economy. As a result, production plummets and prices become unhinged from market prices. The “economy” would collapse if syndicalism were attempted on an economywide basis.

Democracy Fails to Provide a Solution

With democracy and voting and the military not likely or viable options, an individualist option must be developed to solve the problem. People are arming themselves in various ways. They are using various security devices like cameras and stronger locks. Businesses are hiring security firms and protecting storefront windows. Others are simply moving from cities to the suburbs and beyond. Don’t expect government to solve the problem, although more secessionism and decentralization would surely help.

America’s Riots Are Just the Latest Version of Marxist “Syndicalism” by Mark Thornton

The goal of the revolutionaries is not to solve Black problems, but to provoke a police state reaction, a reaction that will be leveraged to fuel further riots and revolt. Eventually, these cycles of revolt and oppression is expected to produce a successful revolution, where The Leader can Finally Create Paradise.

That isn’t going to happen.

But what could well happen is a fragmentation of the nation, with more decentralization and secessionism. Especially after the governments goes bankrupt.

(Most likely the cities and the local state first, and only later the Federal Government itself.)

Not a pile of ruins (outside of certain cities), not a People’s Republic, but everyone going their own way, and building their own societies, just as they please.

I can think of worse outcomes.

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