Social Sin, Selective Depravity, Total Depravity

Original sin has gone out of fashion, but social sin and political salvation are de rigueur. We live in an age of self-righteous secularism, “a toxic combination of the Nietzschean will to power and Puritan moralism.” Our problem, says Mitchell, is no longer moral relativism—if it ever was. It is, rather, moral absolutism. “Dreams of political perfection, once deferred to the heavenly kingdom, are reintroduced in the temporal realm. The longing for perfection—born of a Christian notion of heaven—is difficult to forget.” And so the Left now asserts itself in the name of an unattainable moral and political purity—a politics of litmus tests, virtue signaling, and the infliction of punishment without the possibility of forgiveness.

A Politics of Nietzschean Righteousness, by Bradley C. S. Watson
In a review of the book Power and Purity. by Mark T. Mitchell’

Believe it or not, there was a time when the liberals were insistently yelling that there was “no place for moral judgement” in politics.

Of course, what they really meant was that there was only enough place for their moral judgement in the governance of society.

As for Our Better’s love of punishment without an ounce on forgiveness, coupled with the certainty of their own righteousness, self-defined:

Martin Selbrede brought up my father’s reference to the “doctrine of selective depravity,” If we do not see the problem of man as sin and guilt as defined by God, it will be assigned as defined by men. Marx saw depravity in capitalists. Hitler saw it in Jews. Both then decided those they had “selected” as depraved had to be punished for their “sins.” Their sins required atonement. Atonement for capitalists involved their imprisonment and banishment to menial work. Atonement for Jews was their death.

Racists, like Hitler, see evil as centered in one racial group or another. Environmentalists see evil in technology, and so on. As long as we fail to use God’s law as a standard, we leave room for one murderous form of false atonement or another. The result is a reign of real evil in the name of virtue.

How far will the West descend into this abyss before it returns to a true understanding of sin and guilt and their resolution in the atonement of Jesus Christ? I do not know, but that is the only way that offers forgiveness and hope for a positive outcome. Listen to the cries for “justice” by the mob. There is no hint of forgiveness in them; it is only a cry of rage and vengeance.

The work of Christian Reconstruction is frustrating, but it is, ultimately, the hope for a light at the end of this dark period of humanism’s death throes.

Selective Depravity by Mark R. Rushdoony

That’s a lot of heavy lifting, Christian.

But it has to be done.

(And it’s a LOT better than just passively and powerlessly waiting for the Rapture!)

Rushdoony’s commentary on Total Depravity can be found here and another reasonable explanation is located here. Indeed, there are quite a number of solid discussions on the topic! But I admit, I do like the operational example of total depravit-eye, as discovered by a homeschooling mother.

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