The Death of Melody

This could well be due to an increasing hatred of beauty & complexity in secular societies.

If you indoctrinate people into believing that they are nothing but a bunch of hairless apes, they are going to behave like hairless apes.

Which is why Christians need to be homeschooled, so they know the truth: they are flawed Images of God, on their way to being true (adopted) sons of God.

And a higher standard of excellence is expected of them — especially in justice and righteousness, but also in productive, joyful work, as servants or entrepreneurs or mothers or businessmen — than the self-deluded secularist can even dream of, never mind ever achieve.

But also worth consideration is this point:

Melody died the moment record labels could sue for copyright if a song has a melody similar to one of theirs.

Some Libertarians know that copyright stinks.
(Pro-copyright: Mises wiki – Mises himself.
Anti-copyright (the correct position): David GordonJakub Bozydar WisniewskiWendy McElroy)

A good survey of the major viewpoints is here: Libertarian Views of Intellectual Property: Rothbard, Tucker, Spooner, and Rand by David S. D’Amato

And you aren’t going to find the concept in any Biblical law.

Bans against lying? Yes.

Band against using someone elses’ idea, or altering someone elses’ idea to fit your own vision? No.

For the Christian Economic view, I turn to North and a few of his selected articles:

When copyright has finished dying, we can have melody again.

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