A Montage of Rioters’ Calls to Murder Whites

Murdering People of the Wrong Skin Colour

I just read North’s article Tucker Carlson’s Montage of Rioters’ Calls to Murder Whites.

I can’t associate with people who demand murder, because I can’t associate with murderers. God forbids it.

The incendiary cries for blood will get around, and White Americans aren’t going to ignore it.

Nor should they.

Black Americans would be wise to get plenty of space between themselves and the baying killers. Not only because mob mentality is infectious, and blind, and lawless. Not only because the riots smash up and impoverish Black communities even further.

And not only because it’s counterproductive and builds up lawless tribalism, when Blacks need a Law that stands above race and tribe, if they even hope to get some justice (at least for the future generation, and perhaps for the oldsters who suffered the most under segregation as well.)

Abandoning BLM

Black Americans would be wise to abandon BLM because that organization isn’t interested in helping Black Americans, just in increasing conflict while gaining power for themselves. “Talk peace in the light, wage war at night.”

Some other group will have to be created, to change or disarm or defund the police, without making things worse.

Some other group will have to be created, to get some compensation for the unjust costs of segregation.

I doubt if slavery reparations can be gained at this time, especially when you count the cost the slaveholding South paid in the civil war, with 1/4 of her manfolk killed and her wealth burnt to the ground. But if Black Americans want to try, some other group will have work for it, in the courts and the city halls and the churches.

Not with the use of fire and bullets.

BLM just has too much blood on their hands to be a useful tool in the hands of Black Americans. And too much ruined lives and livelihoods, Black and White.


The Black Lives Matter rioters will eventually fade away, having made their power grab and failed. “No regrets: we’ll try gain, deeper into the depression.”

Black Americans will be left to clear up the mess, and rebuild. In a time of few jobs for the poor & working class, and increasing despair.

Marxist power-grabs just make things worse. As usual.

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