Culturally Transgressive Sex

In the America of 2020, authentic sexual rebellion is heterosexual, married, monogamous sex. This isn’t to say that this type of sex is necessarily better or more virtuous than other forms; it’s merely to point out that it is transgressive in that it offers things that the new ethic cannot provide and doesn’t think you should want. The advertisers of the new norm can tolerate you adhering to the old ethic, but only so long as you experience it as a kind of limitation and imposed self-denial. That’s why they have to give such a hard sell: they need to convince you that you’re missing out. Don’t let them. Because our traditional ethic values privacy when it comes to sex, we can’t flaunt our disobedience to their face. But they know it’s there. Secretly, in your bedroom, your “old-fashioned” sex is heaping coals on their heads. Enjoy it. Heartily and frequently.

Traditional Sex as Political Rebellion by Adam Ellwanger

There is the Will of Our Betters, who proclaim how rebellious they are.

And then, there are those who seriously challenge the Established Social Order.

I’ve always suspected that nothing enrages Our Masters more than when Christians marry, have children (preferably a lot), and raise them to hold on to take the God of Moses and Paul above the word of the political powerhouses.

Also raise them to have

  • a love of learning,
  • to know where their enemies are coming from (see: self-serving power-worship),
  • the willingness to think and work to expand Christ’s Kingdom,
  • and a keen ear to the direction of the Holy Spirit (Who will, naturally, never contradict either the Old or New Testament),

and you have a clear and present danger to the dying Order.

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