The Way of the Spirit, The Way of Power

Just sipping to the end of the latest issue of Remnant Review:

Whatever the outcome of the election in November, it is not going to translate into a post-Reagan conservative agenda. There is no conservative agenda. There is no conservative movement.

That was the assessment of Paul Weyrich two decades ago. It is the assessment of my contact who was one of the co-founders of the movement in the late 1950’s. My contact calls it a colossal failure. I don’t think that’s accurate, but if the movement had ever been colossal, then what we have seen would have been a colossal failure.

Weyrich understood the problem late in life. The national problems are primarily moral, not political. He also understood any deliverance would not come from politics.

It is the weakness of American political conservatives to believe, as the Left believes, that salvation is inherently political. Whenever we see that faith implemented in political movements, we see guaranteed failures.

The Failure of Political Conservatism by Gary North

Better to homeschool your children, build a homeschooling curriculum like Ron Paul or the Khan Academy, set up some other profitable business, help out in some civic clubs, or help out in church (or begin a home church network!) than waste your time in politics — especially Federal, and even State politics.

(Granted: There is some hope for small-town and county politics.)

Forget the quest for power’n’control.

Talk to people, listen to them, and see if you can help them out. If (and only if!) they ask for advice, listen carefully, put some real thought into it, and give it your best shot.

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