Deplatforming the Word of God

Christians are distraught over efforts to defund law enforcement and the abandonment of law and order in our society. Additionally, many are concerned over the successful “deplatforming” of conservative and Christian thinkers by media conglomerates in network, cable, and social media platforms. What’s a “righteous” person to make of all this or do about it?

There is a common expression that hits the nail on the head: ”The chickens are coming home to roost.” In Scriptural terms, what the church has sown within its jurisdiction, it is now reaping, and the manifestations are societal and systemic. The people of God defunded Him long ago when they abandoned tithing and gave the state jurisdiction over health, education and welfare. Shepherds who refused to teach the law of God deplatformed the Word of God by giving space to seeker-sensitive platforms focusing on their audiences doing what was right in their own eyes. In addition, for generations parents have offered their children to a pagan state to “educate” them. Those generations are living out the tenets of the doctrines of the government schools which they learned so very well. This begs the question: What did you expect?

Deplatforming the Word of God by Andrea G. Schwartz

Let’s see whose willing to wake up and smell the coffee!

The people of God must correctly diagnose the malaise we are witnessing on a national level instead of assigning blame to convenient boogeymen. Anarchists and tyrants live out their basic premises. Professing Christians, for the most part, do not. This is painfully apparent when we view the hotspots and problems that currently command our national attention and that Biblical solutions are never offered or taken seriously. Until confronted and repented of, there will be no relief and genuine, lasting peace.

Deplatforming the Word of God by Andrea G. Schwartz

People are naturally drawn to genuine people, whose walk matches their talk.

In the main, Christians don’t make the cut.

Only after we can take a hard look in the mirror and begin to obey God’s law on the most local and personal levels will we have a clear path to restoration. Rushdoony was correct in identifying that knowing Biblical law and its application was the most basic step.

God promises us that when we faithfully obey—willingly and without reservation–His blessings will overtake us. How many are ready to believe this promise whole-heartedly and completely by disregarding their humanistic thinking and confronting the disobedience and apostasy in their own lives and spheres of influence? I guess we’ll find out when we begin to see God’s favor manifested throughout every area of life and thought. Only an honest and contrite spirit of repentance will bring about this end, and then when asked how things resolved we will then be quick to respond, “What did you expect?”

Deplatforming the Word of God by Andrea G. Schwartz

When we get serious about obeying God, then we can expect serious blessings.

When we give God the victory over our heart, mind, and body, THEN we can gain the victory over the enemies of the Lord.

Not before.

For why should God give victory to people who talk a good game, but always fail to deliver when the pressure’s on?

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