Memorizing Scripture

Actually, I’m still in the “A Bible on my cell phone? AWESOME!” box… about 10, 15 years after everyone else left it.

But when you meet people face to face – Christians or Pagans – it’s still really, really good to just instantly recall the verses you need to know. Especially if you are planning to be a leader among believers, a great teacher, a debater, or a scholar.

So, I recommend Written on Your Heart: An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture to you.

What’s a soldier – or any other worker – who hasn’t mastered his tools?

(While I sneak a peek at my super-secret cell phone.)

OK, it’s a little bit like the teachers of my youth, who insisted that I should study math because “I won’t have a calculator all the time.”

The teacher had the right idea, but the wrong reason.

Really, you should master the maths – and the Scriptures — so you can have a natural mental feel for your work. When you are confident in what you are doing, you can do more, and you can do faster, and you can do it without using crutches.

The Scriptures are far more useful than maths: but God made both, and wants us to use both.

One is a tool for life and growth and joy eternal, even with adversities in this life; an historical record and law book, THE guide to justice public and private; and victory over Satan and all evil things; and wise guidance to gain and the use of dominion over the environment. The Scriptures reason WHY and HOW we should live, WHAT our science and technology (and math!) is for, the PURPOSE we should use these tools.

The other is just one of the many intellectual tool of dominion over our world. Still to be respected, and to be studied and used well, but not the road to God Himself.

Math can be useful as a pointer to the truth, at certain times and situations. To the extent it points to the truth as defined by God and conveyed by Scripture

(as opposed to the truth as defined by the Will of Powerful Men – see the Math is Racist crew, obsessed as they are with political power over others)

…to that extent math is useful: but again, it is not the truth in and of itself.

*Sticks tongue at the Pythagorans and their number mysticism*

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