“…only a creationist would raise such an issue.”

A friend writes to note that the museum is only trying to change signage, not to look at the history of Darwin’s racism and its fallout, eugenics.

Well no, but then, they’re only doing whatever they are doing now in the face of civil unrest.

Some of us remember fifteen years ago when anyone who brought up Darwin’s racism was informed, superciliously, by Darwinists that only a creationist would raise such an issue, as if there were nothing to be appalled by. One is tempted to say, suck it up. But that’s not a solution.

Britain’s Natural History Museum is feeling the heat over Darwin’s racism from Uncommon Descent

American Christians also have serious issues with racism – see The Problem of Slavery in Christian America – but praise God, we are at least learning to call sin sin!

And it is good, that “only a creationist would raise the issue” of Darwinian racism. It speaks well of creationists as a group. I cam confident that God will remember to bless those “superstitious, ignorant, moronic” people who put God’s word and God’s ethics above that of the word and ethics of Our Progressives Betters.

After all, in there eyes “there are no sins: just a failure to agree with the Right Sort, Right Now.”

And how do you tell the Right Sort from the Wrong Sort?

“The Right Sort are the people with the money and the power, right now.”

An obvious solution would be to mostly keep the exhibits on display (they are not there to front racism) and to develop a linked exhibit on the ways nineteenth-century racism, including Darwin’s, shaped later understanding of human palaeontology, for example with respect to Neanderthal man and homo Erectus. And other topics that are directly relevant.

Before the vandals and looters get there.

Here’s a recent vid exploring Darwin’s racism from Rational Religion:

So, the main driver of racism – including suppression, oppression, and extermination operations against the weak and the innocent – now has decided to change with the times, as it’s the politically pragmatic thing to do.

Now, all we need to do is wait for the leading scientists and genetics of our time to point-blank deny the reality and importance of sexual differences – as it’s also the politically smart to do so, right now – and we can conclusively dismiss the entire scientific edifice as nothing more than so much State-Licensed Progressive Political Posing.

Remember WHY Our Betters are changing their mind: not because of truth, not because of justice, but because of political expedience.

Nothing more.

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