The Murderous Failure of the Dragon

From The Days of Vengeance, by David Chilton.
Pages 296-297, 300-303

—<Quote begins>—

The Serpent and the Seed of the Woman (12:1-6)

  1. And a great sign appeared in heaven: a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars;
  2. and being with child she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.
  3. And another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red Dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.
  4. And his tail sweeps away a third of the stars of heaven, and threw them to the Land. And the Dragon stood before the Woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her Child.
  5. And she gave birth to a Son, a male, who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and her Child was caught up to God and to His Throne.
  6. And the Woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God, so that there they may nourish her for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.


Why does the Dragon sweep away a third of the angels? First, this is the form in which the Trumpet-judgments are cast (cf. 8:7-12; 9:15, 18). Christ is the Firstborn; the two-thirds portion (cf. Deut. 21:17) is reserved for Him and His Kingdom. Second, the Biblical principle of the two witnesses may also be involved (St. John uses some courtroom language in this chapter): For every false witness Satan can muster against the covenant, God has two angels on His side; the evil report is more than nullified by the testimony God and his angels can give.

The Dragon’s goal is to abort the work of Christ, to devour and kill Him. So the Dragon stood (cf. Gen. 3:14) before the woman in order to devour her Child, to kill Christ as soon as He was born. Again St. John is using astronomy for allegorical purposes; for, as we have seen, it is just as the sun is “clothing” Virgo that the Scorpion’s claws seem about to catch her;[1] indeed, he seems poised to pounce upon her Child as soon as He is born. This conflict between Christ and Satan was announced in Genesis 3:15, the war between the two seeds, the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent. From the first book of the Bible to the last, this is the basic warfare of history. The Dragon is at war with the Woman and her Seed, primarily Jesus Christ. All throughout history Satan was trying either to keep Christ from being born, or to kill Him as soon as He was born. This is why Cain killed Abel, under the inspiration of the Dragon: The attack on Abel was an attempt to destroy the Seed. It was unsuccessful, for Eve then gave birth to Seth, the Appointed One, “in place of Abel” (Gen. 4:25), and the Seed was preserved in him. Satan’s next tactic was to corrupt the line of Seth; thus, within ten generations from Adam, virtually all Seth’s descendants apostatized through intermarriage with the heathen (Gen. 6:1-12), and the whole earth was corrupted except for one righteous man and his family. Satan’s mad rage to attack the Seed was so great that the entire world was destroyed, yet still he failed. The Seed was preserved within a single family in the Ark.

The Dragon again tried to murder the Seed in his attacks on the family of Abraham. On two occasions Satan attempted to have Sarah raped by a heathen king (Gen. 12:10-20; 20:1-18); he tried again with Rebekah (Gen. 26:1-11). The Draconic enmity against the Seed is manifest also in the enmity of Esau against Jacob, a struggle between the two seeds that began in the womb (Gen. 25:22-23). We can also see Satan’s attempts to obstruct the Seed in Isaac’s sinful plan to cheat Jacob out of his divinely appointed inheritance (Gen. 27). Again, when the children of Israel were in Egypt, the Dragon tried to destroy the Seed by having all the male children killed (Ex. 1). Five hundred years later, the Seed was being carried in a shepherd-boy, and again the Dragon attacked, twice inspiring a demon-possessed king to throw javelins at him (1 Sam. 18:10-11). In fact, the whole machinery of Saul’s kingdom went into effect just to try to kill David (1 Sam. 18-27). Similarly, the wicked Queen Athaliah “destroyed all the seed royal of the House of Judah” (2 Chron. 22:10), yet the Seed was preserved in the infant Joash. Haman, the evil Prime Minister of Persia, would have succeeded in his attempt to launch a full-scale pogrom to destroy all the Jews, had it not been for the courage and wisdom of Queen Esther (Est. 3-9). The most striking example of this pattern on a large scale occurs throughout the history of Israel, from the Exodus to the Exile: the covenant people’s perennial, consistent temptation to murder their own children, to offer them up as sacrifices to demons (Lev. 18:21; 2 Ki. 16:3; 2 Chron. 28:3; Ps. 106:37-38; Ezek. 16:20). Why? It was the war of the two seeds. The Dragon was trying to destroy the Christ.

This pattern comes to a dramatic climax at the birth of Christ, when the Dragon possesses King Herod, the Edomite ruler of Judea, and inspires him to slaughter the children of Bethlehem (Matt. 2:13-18); indeed, St. John’s vision of the Woman, the Child, and the Dragon seems almost an allegory of that event. The Dragon tried again, of course: tempting the Lord (Luke 4:1-13), seeking to have Him murdered (Luke 4:28-29), subjecting Him to human and demonic oppression throughout His ministry, possessing one of the most trusted disciples to betray Him (John 13:2, 27), and finally orchestrating His crucifixion. Even then – rather, especially then – the Dragon was defeated, for the Cross was God’s way of tricking Satan into fulfilling His purposes, according to His wisdom – “the hidden wisdom,” St. Paul says, “which God predestined before the ages to our glory, the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (1 Cor. 2:7-8). In wounding the Seed’s heel, the Serpent’s head was crushed.

5          And she gave birth to a Son, a male (cf. Isa. 66:7-8) who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron. St. John returns to Psalm 2, one of his favorite texts, to explain his symbolism. The Son is, obviously, Jesus Christ, the Seed of the Woman, the Child of the Virgin, born of Israel to rule the nations. In this verse St. John telescopes the entire history of Christ’s earthly ministry, stating (as if it had happened all at once) that her Child was caught up to God and to His Throne. It is as if Christ’s Incarnation had led directly to His Ascension to the Throne of glory. St. John’s point is not to belittle the atonement and the resurrection, but to stress that the Lord’s Anointed completely escapes the power of the Dragon; and we should note that St. John’s order follows that of the Psalm. Telling of His exaltation to the heavenly Throne, the Christ says:

I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD:

He said to Me, “Thou art My Son,

Today I have begotten Thee.[2]

Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance,

And the very ends of the earth as Thy possession.

Thou shalt rule them with a rod of iron,

Thou shalt shatter them like earthenware.” (Ps. 2:7-9)

“The Psalm makes Messiah’s heavenly birth all one with his enthronement; if he is fathered by God, he reigns.”[3] In spite of everything that the Dragon does, the Seed is caught up to the Throne and now rules the nations with a rod of iron, just as if He had gone straight from the Incarnation to the Throne; Satan had no power to stop Him. The Ascension was the goal of Christ’s Advent.

[1] The constellation Libra (the Scales) was also regarded in the ancient world as the Claws of Scorpio; see Richard Hinckley Allen, Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (New York: Dover Publications, 1963), pp. 269ff.

[2] Some will argue that this phrase refers not to the incarnation or physical birth of Christ, but to His eternal generation instead; for John’s purposes of Biblical allusion, however, that question is beside the point. His emphasis is, with the Psalmist, that the Child goes from birth to reign.

[3] Farrer, p. 141.

—<Quote ends>—

Killing the Seed of the Woman

There has been a lot of child-murder in the West, over the past few decades.


And not just in the West, but in East Asia too, especially the forced abortions/post-born baby killings in Mainland China during the one-child policy era. (And among the Uyghurs today.)

A fair amount among the Hindu for a time. But very little among the Muslims.


Smart folk, Muslims.

Often illiterate in their homelands? Yes, and on the lower scale of the IQ tests too.

But they’ll be here after the ex-Christian West is but a memory. Call it “long-term smarts”, or “smart is as smart does”.

Same deal with the Africans.

Go ahead, and pick a family of Africans who read and live out the Bible, and pick a family – or “family” – of Europeans who have a strictly secular viewpoint on life. We all know which group will still have a say in the world of the living in the year 2100, and which group will have no living voice at all.

“Smart is as smart does.”

That’s why God pounds the table about the promise of the covenant extending to “you and your descendants“.

And why I’m quite confident that by 2300, or perhaps even 2150 or so depending on the political & economic situation, there will be far more Christians named Tariq and Kahid and Mohammed, or Jamir and Jelani and Imani, than Oliver or Hugo or Felix or Lucas.

“Smart is as smart does.”

—End Aside—

I wonder how many Seeds of the Woman the devil – and his eager Progressive/Secularist/Socialist allies – wanted to kill. Perhaps successfully in many cases: but maybe with some notable failures too.

Only God knows the real answers to that question.

With the sheer scale of the slaughter, I’d make a bet that what the enemies of God wanted was to kill the future, period.

Especially the White and East Asian future.

This is not according to Margaret Sanger’s plans: but the serpent has no qualms with lying to his friends, if it helps him get to his goals faster.

Something for the Satanists — in and out of the church — to carefully consider.

History Matters

The Adversary has been at war with us, the servants of God, for a long, long time.

Even though he has demonstrably grown weaker over time, Satan’s hatred for God and His People is still absolute, and lies — smooth lies, pleasing lies, cruel lies, suspicious lies, proud lies — remain quite effective to the ignorant and foolish, the young and inexperienced, and the faithless and fearful.

Weak muscles, yes, but a sharp tongue, watchful eyes, and an intelligent, exceptionally malicious mind.

One way to arm yourself against the serpent — and so get a better footing to expand Christ’s Kingdom over this world, in our time — is to know where you and your people are coming from. The harsh trials your people survived, the pain your people endured, the hard-earned victories your people gained over some very large dragons in the past.

The Progressives know this, which is why they work very hard to erase the past. Or, if they must tolerate it, at least restrict history to their viewpoint, their frame of reference, and what they think is important.

If you disagree with Our Betters — and would like to find a way to cram your disagreement into their teeth — I suggest starting with Seeing History With New Eyes: A Guide to Teaching Providential History. (Podcast here, webpage here).

Scripture is quite clear that God controls every detail of history (Eph. 1:12; Dan. 4:35; Rom. 11:36), including the free actions of men (Prov. 21:1; Ex. 9:12; Gen. 50:20) and the apparently random or chance events of history (Prov. 16:33; 1Kings 22:34). This presupposition makes us look for the hand of God in all of history. We see the amazing way in which God used technological inventions (such as the plow and the printing press), disease (such as the Black Plague), economic movements (such as the Reformation’s Free Market ideas) to advance His cause. Though we may not immediately recognize God’s hand in every detail, we should be confident that God’s control goes to the tiniest details of history.[14] Though it is possible to misinterpret God’s providence, that fact should not make us deliberately ignore God’s hand in history. We are grossly misinterpreting history if we do not credit God with the flow of historical events. We are misinterpreting history if we do not acknowledge that all the conspiracies of men and of Satan cannot thwart His purposes (Psalm 2). Instead, we must have confidence that “The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples to no effect” (Psalm 33). History is not governed by fate, Satan or evil men, but by the Lord God Almighty who predestines “whatsoever comes to pass” and “does according to his will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth” (Daniel 4:34,35). History is His Story.


One of the purposes of Providential History is to judge historical events by the standard of the Bible. God’s Word is the only infallible interpreter of reality, and the principles of Scripture are “the key of knowledge” (Luke. 11:52). If we are to discover truth, it must be measured against the standard of truth, the Bible (John 17:17). Thus, we shouldn’t analyze the Aztecs dispassionately, but should critique their bloodthirsty culture with a Biblical standard. Far from being a “highly advanced civilization,” the Scripture would see it as a demonic culture. Certainly, as men and women created in the image of God, they had achieved some technological feats, but there was good reason why all the natives sided with Cortez against their oppressors. We shouldn’t consider ancient Egyptian medical practices as simply “primitive.” Scripture ascribes moral and religious overtones to the medical issues that plagued that land (Ex. 15:26; Deut. 7:15; 28:60).

When studying the history of economics, the history of business, or the history of human thought it is necessary to interact with the flow of these events through Biblical eyes. Why have Calvinistic countries been the most free market? Why has every Roman Catholic country gravitated toward centralism in civics and socialism in economic practice? The ideas of these different theologies have consequences in social theory. When writing history, Christians must learn to interact with all events within the worldview of the Bible. This way, we can learn godly lessons from even pagan history.

Seeing History With New Eyes: A Guide to Teaching Providential History by Phillip G. Kayser

Sheep… and the Shepherd they Hate

Christians have been passive sheep in history – and in almost all intellectual endeavors – for far too long.

“Why polish brass on a sinking ship? Why waste time working to redeem the world and fight for the truth? The Rapture is coming! Jesus is coming soon!”

No, Jesus is not going to rush in to clean up the mess that the slackness and complacency of His lazy, worthless servants created.

It’s time for us, His people, to grow up, take responsibility for our mess, and clean it up ourselves.

Guided by the Holy Spirit? Yes. The Holy Spirit – and not our own will – is the one to point out where we failed, and how we can make it good.

But we are going to pay the price in blood, sweat and tears. And we are going to go through the chastisement needed to become worthwhile, profitable servants.

(Or perhaps you think we are greater than our Master, who paid a VASTLY greater price for our salvation!)

If we repent, you can be sure that out backs are going to be straightened and we will learn to walk upright, whatever the pain or embarrassment. And we will start to properly reflect out Master, in whose image we were created.

Or we can pointedly refuse to repent. So we will be left to crawl on the ground in our filth – again, in imitation of our master that we willfully chose – but be free of pain and embarrassment. In this world, for a time.

Perhaps for a few years, maybe even a few decades.


But certainly NOT in eternity.

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