The Tamed Opposition

This is how the culture wars function — on the fictitious premise that the world consists entirely of a few distinct, self-contained tribes with nothing to say to one another. We know, by now, how damaging these battles have been not only psychologically — effectively stunting us by encouraging us to trim off all the complex and interesting aspects of our characters to fit within the tidy boundaries of some tribal stencil — but to democratic society more generally: to be a mature adult and citizen, after all, requires at a minimum the basic acknowledgement that there are nuances and contradictions within us all. But we’re also finally coming to recognize — I hope — a slightly simpler problem: that the culture wars have made life, well, mind-numbingly dull.

We live at a moment in history when the cross-pollination of interesting ideas, from all sorts of backgrounds, ought to be easier than ever — when pop culture fanatics and post-liberals, high artists and hipsters, religious conservatives and radicals should be able to learn from one another in a spirit of shared humanity. And we’re wasting it on petty, small-minded squabbles. We should delight in the curious mishmash of interests, tastes, and experiences that sit — yes, a little awkwardly sometimes, but usually quite amiably nonetheless — within us all. That’s what it is to be a human being. But today’s public discourse presents us like we’re cartoon characters: Mr. Leftie, Ms. Feminist, Mr. Brexiteer — and bizarrely, we’re playing along.

It’s boring — and many of us are tiring of the constant oversimplifications. Our problem with the culture wars is not that they are too radical, nor that they represent some frightening future, but rather that they are simply outmoded for the much more complex, and more exciting, world we now live in. We’re tired of being spoon-fed an ever-diminishing range of political views by even the most supposedly radical of artists. We’re tired of the assumption that your skin color or sexuality determines not only your politics, but your taste in music, literature and film, too. And we’re tired of the endless politicization of … everything.

The Culture Wars Ruin Everything. We Need Conscientious Objectors by Kit Wilson

After the Hate Speech laws are in effect, after the Diversity legislation has been proclaimed and enforced, after punishment for anyone calling people by their actual sex (as opposed to the sex they claim to be) is insisted on by the courts, after the blatant lie of same-sex marriage has been ordained from On High, the Right Sort now wants a “broad, complex, colourful range of viewpoints and discussion.”

All within the boundaries of the law.

Of course.

I suppose lots of tamed, broken, obedient Christians will crawl forward, to lick the hand that holds the blade that will joyfully slice open their eyes.

I won’t.

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