Working Thought, Bankrolled Thought

From For Labor Day Weekend: Alfred Russel Wallace, Scientist and Working Man:

—<Quote begins>—

We hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend. While you are carefully putting away all your white clothing until next summer, take a moment to consider the impact of labor on the development of evolutionary theory.

That’s right, the two founders of evolutionary theory, Wallace and Darwin, came from very different backgrounds. Alfred Russel Wallace, whose thought receives an accessible treatment in the new book Intelligent Evolution: How Wallace’s World of Life Challenged Darwinism, would later become a premature proponent of what we now call intelligent design. Unlike Darwin, Wallace grew up among the middle class and had to work for a living. This dictated the contours of his life and research. Charles Darwin came from family money.

Watch the video below for a brief take on the impact of this difference from our friend and colleague, the historian Michael Flannery. Wallace did his collecting, leading to his own formulation of evolutionary thinking, because his livelihood urgently depended on it. Darwin felt no such pressure. So what? As we’ve explained before:

Darwin’s voyage on The Beagle was paid for by his father (around 600 pounds worth). By custom the ship’s senior surgeon, Robert McCormick, should have been the expedition’s naturalist. Darwin’s official duty was not as the ship’s naturalist. From the beginning of the voyage, the notion that Darwin was the Beagle’s naturalist existed only in his own mind. Disagreements between McCormick and Darwin would ultimately have the surgeon leave the expedition in a huff.


In contrast, Wallace, by and large, paid his own way with the specimens he collected and sent off to his agent Samuel Stevens back in England. For Darwin, collecting was a fascination underwritten by his father, Dr. Robert Darwin. For Wallace collecting was a passion and a livelihood fueled by his own hard work.

How many specimens did Wallace bring home? In the East alone, 310 species of mammals, 100 reptiles, 8,050 birds, 7,500 shells, 13,100 Lepidoptera (butterflies), 83,200 Lepidoptera (beetles), 13,400 “other insects.” Total: 125,660. This excludes species collected in South America, many of which were lost in a shipwreck.

Darwin amassed nothing approaching this. Wallace’s massive collecting reflects a man in need of an income — no specimens meant no sales. Darwin’s comparatively smaller scale collecting reflect the interests of hobbyist with the leisure of an independent income. Which do you think represents the more independent adventurous spirit?

—<Quote ends>—

It reminds me of another bankrolled intellectual: Karl Marx, who was fully funded by Frederich Engels’ money and a nice, fat inheritance: part of which was used to fund Belgian revolutionary violence.

Marxists do like their killing so…

He Who Fights, Wins

I greatly respect the Intelligent Design theorists — with Evolution News leading the charge online — to the extent that they are hostile to Darwinism directly, and did actual scientific work to bring that flatulent lie down. Something that the solid majority of (secretly Young Earth) Christian scientists refused to do, as “it would hurt kill my career, and cut me off from the right social circles and the grant money!”

So when Darwinism goes down, much of the credit will go to the Old Earth Intelligent Design theorists who took the risks, paid the price, and will rightfully reap the rewards and get their day in the sun.

Granted, some Young Earth Creationists also publicly stood in the line, so Christianity will have some say in the future shape of the sciences. It’s about time… especially as science – and technology – are Christian inventions.

Just like the idea of the future itself.

The two big good guys that I know of: Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International. They did much of the backbreaking work for decades no one else would do, and so deserve public recognition. A shoutout to Creation Evolution Headlines for their willingness to tread on the toes of the Establishment-backed Darwininans.

“Why go through the tedious bother of actually responding to arguments, when you can just have our completely impartial friends in the chairs of power rule in our favour while silencing our enemies?”

But we will get some reward, when we had the potential to get the whole pot… if Our Intellectual Leaders (scientific and theological) weren’t so eager to please Powerful Men.

A typically Christian failure.

As Old Earth Intelligent Design people fought the fight, they will get a good shot of setting the deistic (or pantheistic/panentheistic) parameters of future scientific discussion. Not that far from the religion of Issac Newton – who had no problem with miracles, and accepted much of the Biblical chronology, but whose Deistic/Unitarian idea of God is quietly, but intensely, alien to that of the Personal, Active Lord that the Prophets and the Testimony speak of.

Carefully note: If most scientists believed as Newton believed, the whole world would speak of a massive Christian revival in the intellectual class. And almost every Christian pastor and theologian would, too.

Only God would say “I know you not.”

(I am assuming that Sir Issac was indeed the Deist/Unitarian historians claim that he was. If they’re wrong and the man was a believing Christian, then I’m wrong – and glad of it!)

As today’s Humanist, Statist, “Power First!” culture dies on the vine, keep a very close eye on what’s coming up.

After all, Satan has a truly vast selection of pleasing, reasonable, comfortable lies at his disposal to slit your throat open with.

Have Children, Raise Children, Strengthen Children

Instead of being a passive victim of the future, shape it, with children who fear the Lord who is here, today; the Lord who acts in history, the God who loves His people, and hates His enemies.

The little ones of God must grow strong and wise, and master the field, and the tools, of the battlefield they choose.

And if they plan to win the prize, they must fight for the Kingdom of God, the Lord who Rules All, and who judges our words, thoughts, and deeds. Now, and for all eternity.

And not for some far away, distant, cold, impersonal, uncaring substitute who “set the world in motion, and kindly shut his lips and buzzed off.”

The Deist/Unitarian dream of escaping God and His judgment is not rooted in reality.

No more than the Darwinian dream was.

Or the Marxist dream, for that matter.

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